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Greater Noida Authority burnt electricity worth 4 crore 80 lakhs in one and a half year

The Greater Noida Authority office was built at a cost of about Rs 400 crore to boast of being eco-friendly. It was claimed that there would be less consumption of energy (electricity). You will be surprised to know that the monthly electricity bill of the authority office is up to forty lakh rupees.

Electricity worth more than 4 crore wasted in one and a half years

In one month’s bill of the Authority, a family gets a house for life. Sitting in the air-conditioned office, the officers used electricity worth Rs 48 million in just one and a half years.

Tea-breakfast worth Rs 71 lakh in two years, electricity of four crore eighty lakh in one-and-a-half year and other unnecessary expenses have put the authority in debt. The authority has given information about the huge electricity bill coming every month in the RTI sought by social worker Sagar Khari.

Alishan office built in seven years

The temporary office of Greater Noida Authority was operating in Gamma II Sector for the last several years. Seven years ago, after the budget was approved by the government level, the new luxurious office of the Authority was completed in Knowledge Park Char.

Bill came more in January than in May

Usually the electricity bill is high in summer and less in winter, but here it is the opposite. Even in the harsh winter of January, the electricity bill is up to Rs 28 lakh. In January and February 2021, the electricity bill of the office is 27 and 28 lakh rupees.

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