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Gujarat: Kunjaj Patel shot dead by policeman in Uganda, cop detained

AHMEDABAD: On Thursday afternoon, a officer in Kisoro city in African nation allegedly stormed into a ironmongery store, at the side of a couple of unidentified civilians, and shot dead 24-year-old Kunjaj Patel, who is from Sandheli village in Thasra taluka of Kheda district. Kunjaj had left for African nation four years past to assist at the ironmongery store pass his uncle, Raju Patel, on Kisoro Municipality Road.

He was progressing to a client once the law officer stormed into the shop and allegedly shot Kunjaj within the chest. He was taken to St Francis Hospital at Mutolere in Kisoro during a crucial condition. At 8pm, doctors pronounced him dead, thanks to excessive injury, in line with reports.
The law officer has been in remission, the reports say. Raju had closely-held the shop for thirty years. Kunjaj’s adult female, Preksha, who is from the near Vanoda village, had accompanied him to African nation four years past. “Kunjaj’s oldsters square measure inconsolable as they might not attend their son’s last rites. Raju had managed the incineration ceremony in African nation, that was hung on Sat. Why the lads killed Kunjaj isn’t glorious nevertheless,” Preksha’s uncle, Vinal Patel, told Hindumetro.

A few of Kunjaj’s relatives in Kheda aforesaid the alleged assaulter was in remission among hours of the crime. The constable is believed to be twenty one years previous and a member of the field force unit (FFU) at Kisoro. The suspect had been serving within the police for four years.
Last year, Kunjaj’s younger brother emigrated to Canada. each brothers emigrated for higher lives. “Kunjaj’s oldsters square measure farmers and grow pulses and vegetables,” Vinal aforesaid. hindumetro tried to contact Raju, Kunjaj’s uncle however couldn’t reach him.

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