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Happy birthday to the Gangnam man; Park Jae Sanga

Cheerful Birthday PSY: Who is the man behind the hit melody Gangnam Style and name P NATION

Park Jae Sang, generally known by his stage name PSY, is a South Korean vocalist, rapper, maker and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Assuming the name doesn’t sound familiar, the words, “Oppa Gangnam Style” may. With the viral distinction of the mid-2010s, everybody can review the fun dance steps of the 2012 number featured by the man himself.

gangnam style
gangnam style

Through starting challenges of his independent music, which made him pay generous fines toward the South Korean government, PSY’s extraordinary style and unmistakable sound strengthened his remaining in the scene. At a certain point, he has likewise nicknamed “The Bizarre Singer”, which just further provoked the public’s advantages in his music.

In the wake of joining Yang Hyun Suk’s YG Entertainment, individuals anticipated a greater amount of his hits like ‘Champion’ which saw acclaim inferable from the World Cup in Seoul. In the meantime, he kept on delivering peculiar and basically exceptional music. Before long, his prevalence saw a take off more than ever and one can verify it to the ‘Gangnam Style’ peculiarity that moved worldwide famous people like Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Tom Cruise to bounce on the pattern. The tune broke YouTube music video records and diagrams around the world.

Where everybody from children to seniors, tapped along to a tune that appeared to have assumed control over their brains and playlists, it was a defining moment from the South Korean star who had seen his distinction on a consistent ascent.

Presently an easily recognized name, the world held up eagerly to find the grand man’s impending music. He conveyed hits like ‘New Face’, ‘Refined man’ and ‘Headache’ next. His takeoff from YG Entertainment saw him setting up his own name P NATION and he before long endorsed his first craftsman, Jessi. From that point forward, specialists HyunA, Dawn, Crush and most as of late Heize have become important increments to his organization.

Preparing for one more performance discharge in the coming year, PSY is by all accounts in no state of mind to stop and we can’t hang tight for additional!

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