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Hobby is a big thing. Woman got tattoos done all over her body

Hobby is a big thing. Woman got tattoos done all over her body.

There is no dearth of enthusiasts in the world. The world is full of people having different hobbies, or should you say that the world is full of colorful hobbyists. On the one hand, where their hobbies are also unique, on the other hand, the methods of fulfilling these hobbies are also unique. Some people’s hobbies are like this Because of these hobbies, they become famous all over the world. Let us tell you about one such woman today who became famous all over the world because of her unique and a different hobby.

This hobby of hers has also given this woman a different identity. And not only this, this hobby is also many years old.

कपड़े नहीं थे पसंद तो 1.5 करोड़ खर्च कर पूरी बॉडी पर बनवाए टैटू, अब वही  Tattoos बने मुसीबत | Model Spending her life time saving Over 1.5 Crore On  Tattoos making

Actually this woman used to insist on wearing clothes. So he found a solution for this. He thought that something should be done, so that he does not have to wear much clothes and his body is also covered. For this this woman got her whole body painted with colorful tattoos. He did not even leave any part of his body without tattoo. From this where he found a way out of laziness of not wearing his clothes on one side.

At the same time, on the other hand, he also fulfilled his hobby. What was it then, day by day this woman became famous because of her hobby and the whole body being painted with colorful tattoos. And now it is a situation that this tattooed lady has got a different identity in the whole world and it has become very famous. Pictures of this woman are becoming fiercely viral on social media.

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The world doesn’t care, now tell you about this woman. Actually this woman is from Germany. Its name is Kerstin Tristan, who is very fond of tattooing. To make these tattoos, he has spent more than 25 thousand dollars or 24 lakh rupees so far. This woman herself has downloaded these pictures on her Instagram account. Tristan has uploaded many pictures on his Instagram account. Recently she shared some photos which are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Regarding tattoos, Kirstin had said in an interview that it is her hobby. She doesn’t care what the world thinks of her.

टैटू बनवाने के शौकीन इन बातों पर दें जरा ध्यान -  keep-these-things-before-making-tattoos - Nari Punjab Kesari

There are 2 lakh followers on Instagram: The photos shared by Kerstin Tristan on Instagram have many types of photos. In these photos, he has posted his 30 years old photo, 8 years old photo and 3 recent photos together. It can be seen in these photos how she looks in the years 1992, 2014 and 2022. Different forms of Kirstin are being seen in all the three photos. Six years ago, he created an account on Instagram named @tattoo_butterfly_flower. At present he has about 2 lakh followers.

The first tattoo was made 5 years ago: Tattoo model Kerstin keeps sharing many hot photos on her social media account. The tattoo model got her first tattoo done on her body 5 years ago. After this he was so shocked that today tattoos are present on every part of his body. He has got many colorful flowers, birds, butterfly designs made on his body.

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