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Know how to get new life from liver transplant!

Liver is the largest and most important internal organ of the body. It performs a number of functions, such as flushing out toxins from the body, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, and controlling blood clotting. However, due to bad habits like drinking alcohol or virus, we damage our liver and this organ starts to deteriorate. If the condition becomes serious or liver fails, then liver transplant is the only correct treatment.

What is liver transplant

Liver transplant is a complicated operation. Liver transplant is needed for those patients whose liver has become very weak. Liver transplant is a surgical procedure to replace a diseased liver with a healthy one. Liver disease is also known as cirrhosis. Cirrhosis can be caused by a number of reasons, including excessive drinking and hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and liver failure due to diabetes and obesity. Many congenital diseases such as bilirubin, atresia, Wilson’s disease, etc. can also cause liver damage in children.

Liver cirrhosis from hepatitis B and hepatitis C

Let us tell you that hepatitis B and hepatitis C are transmitted by giving infected blood or by consuming drugs through needles. It can also be spread by having sex with an infected person. This disease can also be transmitted from the mother to the child at the time of birth. However, it is not spread through eating and handling or touching a sick person. Liver hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus can lead to serious disease like liver cirrhosis for a long time.

symptoms of liver damage

Due to liver cirrhosis, the patient has problems like jaundice, vomiting of blood and water in the stomach. Cirrhosis disease can sometimes be caused only by heaviness in the stomach or swelling in the legs or loss of appetite. Its main symptom is also jaundice or jaundice. Jaundice is caused by the accumulation of a substance called bilirubin, in which the color of the eyes and skin becomes yellow.

This bilirubin is metabolized by the liver and due to weakness of the liver, bilirubin accumulates in the body, causing jaundice. Apart from jaundice, the patient has many other problems. The patient may vomit blood or pass black stools. Apart from this, water can also fill the stomach.

Due to the weakening of the liver, the liver becomes very hard and because of this there is a risk of bleeding due to excessive pressure in the blood arteries in the stomach, water coming into the stomach and swelling of the blood vessels inside the intestines. Sudden vomiting of blood in such a patient causes a serious condition. If there is water in the stomach and vomiting of blood, then these can be symptoms of serious liver disease. Start its treatment immediately by showing it to a gastrologist doctor or liver specialist.

What is its treatment

In this, it is mostly advised by the doctor to eat less salt or drink less water and try to remove water from the medicine called diuretic, which causes excessive urination. Swollen blood vessels in the intestine are controlled by endoscopy and bandaging. so that they do not bleed. This disease can be controlled to some extent by the process of reducing water through medicines and bandaging, but due to liver cirrhosis, internal weakness remains and the life of the patient remains in danger.

Why liver transplant is an effective solution

At present, the success rate of liver transplant is around 85 – 90%, so it is an effective solution. Liver transplant is considered a technically difficult surgery, requiring surgeons to be trained in specialized techniques. Before undergoing liver transplant, the patient is subjected to various tests. And there is a fitness test for the operation. In a liver transplant operation, the patient’s damaged liver is removed and a new liver is implanted, which is from a donor. Mostly it is donated by the close relatives of the patient.

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