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Jadibooti is the New Jadoo – Vann Mantra.

In this hectic lifestyle, almost every one of us has ailments, ones that quick fix cant fix. Jadibootis to baba’s all the hassle can be tossed out the window now, Vann mantra is here to fix your problems for a long time, for good! It is a  health and wellness company that blends Ayurvedic medicine with modern practices and brings you the perfect medicine that will help you. Natural remedies have become a bygone with our older generations passing on, but Vann mantra holds on to these ancient traditions and practices and brings out the best in them. The founder Sanya Mittal asserts, “Our name invokes an incantation: To have faith in the power of the Vann or forest and to attune oneself to the rhythms of nature that can both heal and cleanse”


Their mantra is to put eco-therapy to use. Reconnect us to nature and help us nurture ourselves in ways that heal us in the long term, fixing the root cause of the issue. They believe our daily ailments like stress, joint pain, poor immunity, fatty liver, menstrual cramps, and so many more troublesome ones need to be dealt with to live our life healthy and to our fullest potential. The folks at Vann mantra have worked with doctors, researchers, and designers to demystify Ayurveda. They work to bring this far-off concept into our lives in a way where we revitalize our health.


They have a varying range of teas, capsules, combos of different kinds, and even their own honey. The benefits are endless and their packaging is so cute, you can’t help but buy them. They also address topics that are taboo in society. Women who have PCOD/PCOS are left hopeless with no proper solution. Every month so many women resort to taking harmful pain killers to reduce their menstrual cramps. They have decided to change that. Their natural solution won’t only help relieve you but, also help improve the body’s resistance to fix this issue in the long term.


This is a company that has a happy client base. They have many customers who complained about joint pain. Within two weeks of using their natural supplements, they felt their pain reduce and that’s the best thing about switching to natural alternatives. The medicines they use have been procured after painstakingly working with over 250 herbs and roots to create proprietary tea blends and supplements with experts who have over two decades’ worth of experience in the industry. Their philosophy is to summon the charms of nature and activate the senses to live a happier tuned life.


They use Ayurveda to bring products that would help consumers make more empowering choices, restore their overall health, and rebalance their connection between mind and body. They are a lifestyle choice that you would want to incorporate into your daily life. They are a research-focused company that believes in complete transparency. Their products are natural and all their ingredients are sourced from local farmers. What’s more? their company is made in India and all their products are Indian, using ancient Indian practices of healing and eco-therapy. Get your hands on Vann Mantra’s latest mantras and take a step to a healthier life.


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