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Kunwar Sawhney founder of Kashi Academy to launch new book ‘Vastu Botanics’

Under the vision of Kunwar Sawhney, the founder of ‘Kashi Academy for Holistic Innovation’ will launch the book ‘Vastu Botanics’ on 21stApril 2022. Honorable Governor of J&K Shri Manoj Sinha ji will be launching the book in Banaras Hindu University. The book is a detailed self-help description of how plants are a blessing and should be planted in the right direction to maximize the benefit. The secret energy of house gardens is revealed by a Vastu professional’s observation based on his self-invested scientific research. Every plant is unique as a representative of a specific Astrological planet; this study discusses how it can be utilized to benefit society through Jyotish, Vastu, Karmkand, and other techniques.


Vastu Botanics, the subliminal science of plants & their energies, is ongoing metaphysical research with a holistic approach to analyse the effect of plants on humans in their living spaces and categorizing new plant species that represent a specific astrological planet and can be used in ritualistic social practices. The book aims to work on new holistic parameters using what we have accessible in our generation, decode traditional ways, and produce simple practices that society may utilize for a better life. Moreover, this book is about home energy and plants and how they affect the aura around our surroundings.

The founder Kunwar Sawhney says, “We are focusing on all quadrants to gain as much momentum for Indian sciences in people’s modern life as possible. Every day, we discover breakthroughs, polish them into teachable modules, and then motivate professionals to create accessible products and services based on them, which are consumed and benefited by people worldwide.” He further added, “My work on this subject has been guided by my teacher Dr.Prabhat Poddar who is a fatherly figure in dowsing & body healing through building Vastu.”

The book was founded under ‘Kashi Academy for Holistic Innovation’. The company is an endeavour to resurrect occult Indian sciences and bring them into the mainstream through innovation and teaching. Apart from this, the brand introduced ‘Aroma Vastu’ to make the benefits of the research available to larger audiences. Aroma Vastu was founded under the banner of Kashivishwanaath Jyotiesh Vidhyalay and is creating blends for correcting buildings with vastu imbalances through a series of progressive stages that build on the rich information already accessible in Vedic writings. Moreover, the brand is working to align various home energies using natural essential oils and not plastic/metal remedial Vastu solutions.


With a mission to guide people about vastu, Kashi Academy, led by Dr. Kunwar Sawhney, has been embodied by a team of professionals. Vastu Shastra, aroma science, astrology, numerology, modern problems, and Vedic literature are some of the subjects that have been covered under the brand. Kashi Academy creates an ecosystem that nurtures and promotes the scientific investigation, documentation, and public acceptance of the great traditional wisdom that Rishi-Munis has left for us.


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