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Lakshmi Priyanka Chowdhary is the rising literary star from Sindhanur

Lakshmi Priyanka Chowdary is the emerging literary star from Sindhanur, Raichur, Karnataka, India. She is a budding poet and has already worked as a co-author in over 6 anthologies. Lakshmi is also a passionate baker and a BCA graduate.



Lakshmi Priyanka Chowdary hails from the city of SINDHANUR, RAICHUR, KARNATAKA.

She is a BCA graduate. She has pretty good writing skills and has worked as a co-author for 6+ Anthologies such as Head full of words, The undying earnest, The purpose of life, Girls blessing or a curse and so on.


A budding poet, weaving up the poetic into a magical one!!  A passionate Baker for getting smiles on faces. She writes her vibes with words of light.


A girl full of ambition and fantasies trying to be unique and notable, and she can code on screen and also loves to pem down all her thoughts and imaginations on paper. She had lit out minds to enjoy the fragrance of love with her simple beautiful quotes. And she developed a passion for writing when she realised its beauty.

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She believes that words are her inexhaustible source of magic and what she writes are breathings of her heart.


Achievements of Lakshmi Priyanka Chowdhary




  1. Achieved an award from FOREVER STAR BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.


  1. Achieved for best work in the Anthology “Purpose of life” under the ISBN 978-1637452554 presented by forever shining.


  1. Achieved for being a co-author of the Anthology “Girls blessing or curse?” Compiled by Ankita Bhatia and published under the ISBN No 978-8195085002 by SPI publications and a publication registered under ministry of “MSME”


  1. Achieved for being co-author in “The Undying Earnest” published under ISBN 978-81-977951- 9-3, by Spectrum of Thoughts (An Affiliate of Fanatixx)


  1. Achieved for being a co-author in the book Head Full of Words under the ISBN 978-81-947383-5-0 published by the QUILL HOUSE.


  1. Won 25+ writing competitions.


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