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Law Prep Tutorial Once Again Made Headlines in The EdTech Industry with its CLAT 2022 Results!


“I am thankful to Law Prep Tutorial for helping and guiding me out through the exam preparation and also said that he is thankful to the online program for being the catalyst in his end-minute preparation.” –says Gnanakit, who ranked AIR 1 in the SC category and is a student from Law Prep’s Online Classroom Program.


Law Prep Tutorial, The Best CLAT Coaching in India, also known as “The CLAT Toppers Factory”  has educated more than 50000+ students for 22 years of excellence, producing more than 100 top scorers each year.


And today also it makes the headlines, by getting its 32 students out of 100 students in CLAT 2022 exam as AIR toppers. The results are extremely impressive and the students were extremely happy to be a part of LawPrep’s CLAT Coaching Program.


The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) results were released by the Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs). Top scorers are thrilled to have completed this exam, which is renowned for having challenging questions that test a candidate’s mental fortitude.


“Law Prep Tutorial is extremely proud of its students who came in All India Rank  (AIR)  and is pledging once again to give the best CLAT coaching and produce the Best results across India,” says Sagar Joshi, Founder of LawPrep Tutorial.


Harshit Gupta , who ranked AIR 4 in the CLAT exam and has been a student of Law Prep Tutorial for the last 1 year, has aced the exam. He says that “He is very thankful to Law Prep Tutorial’s infrastructure and continuous mentorship and guidance by the faculties”.


Sagar Joshi has always believed that bold ideas produce bold results, thus with the recent funding he came up with the notion to increase the number of legal professionals in society and to better equip the next generation with legal knowledge and that truly helped the students to ace the CLAT 2022 exam.


Students Shivraman and Apurva Tayal from across India who ranked AIR 12 and AIR 20 respectively extend their gratitude to the team of faculties. “Law Prep Tutorial has not only helped them to ace the exam but also helped them to develop their personality and linguistics skills” – says Apurva.


Law Prep Tutorial is one of the best CLAT coachings in India that has expanded its reach across India and visions to fulfil the dreams of the students who dream of becoming a part of the Judiciary.






What Makes Law Prep Tutorial the Best CLAT Coaching In India



Interacting with and posing questions to professionals is simple for students. The specialists are very informed and skilled, and they want to assist every individual in development.


Study Materials


Aspirants get access to a vast library of study material by signing up for Law Prep Tutorial’s CLAT programme, which will enable them to adequately prepare for the test.


Mockup Test Series


The candidate has access to a test series that includes full-length mock exams, sectional exams, and topic tests with rankings at the national level, graphs, and feedback.




Law Prep Tutorial is a premium CLAT coaching in India along with 12 branches across the country, covering 450 cities with 100+ faculty members helping students achieve their dreams. Law Prep Tutorial provides one of the finest CLAT Online and Offline Coaching along with Test Series, Study Materials, Weekly Tests, and so forth to help students ace their exams.


In order to help one succeed in getting into law schools, Law Prep offers the most comprehensive CLAT exam preparation package available. In light of the growing competition for these exams, the course structure and contents have been created in a way that encourages students to work quickly and accurately.


Enroll now! In Law Prep Tutorial’s CLAT Offline and Online Coaching Program, if you are planning on attempting and acing the CLAT exam. Make sure to purchase as many mock exams as you can so that you are familiar with the sorts and degree of difficulty of the CLAT questions you will encounter on your exam.


To Know More about Law Prep Tutorial visit their Website by Clicking here:

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