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Little Girl Prepares Dinner for her mother video goes viral

A video of a girl preparing a special meal for her mother is going viral on the internet. The video was posted on Instagram by the girl’s mother Bruna Fava on August 29, but now it is becoming increasingly viral. According to Fava’s Instagram profile, the girl’s name is Natalie and she is two years old.

An adorable video of a little girl preparing dinner. | Sachin | NewsBreak  Original

The viral clip opens with the little one chopping vegetables and putting them into the boiler. While preparing the food, she also takes a bite of the carrot placed in the vegetable tray. This behaviour adds a little more cuteness to the video.

“I let my 2-year-old cook our dinner and this is how it went,” reads the text super on the video.

Further in the video, Natalie is seen trying to cut the chicken in a cute way with a tick-tick-tick voice. Meanwhile, she also keeps rice in the microwave. Natalie can then be seen pouring oil on the steamed vegetables. Then in the next scene of the video, you can see Natalie enjoying dinner with her mother.

After some time, the girl is seen putting the rice into a bowl and tastes the boiled veggies. The video finally shows the food the ready and the enjoys it with her mother.

The post’s caption reads, “I’ve been waiting for this moment raising my personal chef. This dinner was surprisingly delicious.”

The video has become popular since being shared. On Instagram, it has received more than 3.6 million views and over 1.6 lakh likes. In the post’s comment section, viewers have praised the young girl for her skills.

One user wrote, “Wow!! Absolutely amazing! My kids are 6 and 8 and can barely make buttered toast for themselves.” One user commented, “*tikitiki* this is my favorite baby girl on insta.”


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