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Magic property Chennai Your search ends here

Magic property Chennai has been in the in the marketplace for 8 solid years and have successfully forged strong be ups. Links, associations and partnerships with other realtors thus widening and expanding the scope of their vision in Tamil Nadu. Their designed framework consists of an approach to go easy on the customer so as to accelerate the maximization process in handling more areas and services. Be it a plot of land or a building. Magic property Chennai will leave no stone unturned in maintaining professionalism and helping out the customer with all his needs. They have an expansive availability covering almost all of Tamil Nadu with regards to both commercial as well as residential spaces. Although brokerage is their core area of competency. They also specialize and deal in hospitality. Promotion and property loans.

Mr. Giridharan’s profile (Head of Magic property Chennai

The sole proprietor and head of magic property Chennai is Mr. Giridharan who is also an MBA in business management and marketing alongside other numerous stellar professional associations namely with the Madras Management Association ( MMA). South India realtors and agents association (SIRAAA). The Indus entrepreneur Chennai (TiE) and Real Estate maximums (RE \MAX) etc.

Now let’s have a look at Mr. Giridharan’s journey on the ladder of real estate success. 

He initially began the company operations in Chennai in the year of 2014 with the intent to cater to the requirements of some of his NRI relatives. Associates. Acquaintances and friends. But soon after the company picked up dramatic pace and Giridharan expanded his horizons and developed his consultancy services for a wider clientele. All along this journey Giridharan wanted to leave an indelible impression on his clientele by providing them with superior and beyond excellent services. He consistently remained focused and committed to ensuring utmost customer satisfaction and delivering steady performance which also is the cornerstone of the company philosophy and ideals. He truly has a burning passion for real estate activities F&BHospitality and franchise counsultants

Now who doesn’t prefer a zero hassle experience while searching for their dream property or location. An experience with Magic Property Chennai guarantees you lust that.

Furthermore we are highlighting the main strengths which make dealing with Magic property Chennai a different and unique and one of a kind experience unlike any other real estate company or agency or competitions present in the market arena-:

-Find the most suitable property without confusion or hiccups. •Various and detailed portfolio database

  • A stress free experience and process. •All transactions are enabled in a secured, transparent manner. •Guaranteed transaction process. •Prioritizing the customer by making provisions for “before and after sales services” •All valid and correct guidance related to legal know-how and paperwork. •100% customer happiness

Following is a list of our services -:

Buying, selling, renting and leasing of residential and office or commercial or industrial properties Dealing in agricultural or farmland properties Provide property management and hospitality services Raising funds against property or a loan mortgage. JV/ Promoter/Marketer/ freelancer F&B (Restaurant, cafe, retail store, centralized kitchen consultant) Franchise/ Franchisor consulting and marketing


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