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Manish Maurya successfully taking forward the legacy of Shree Ram Sweets & Snacks and it’s Ras Malai

In Indian history and culture, sweets are an important part of the tradition, there is no merry occasion in the country that goes on without people nibbling on decadent desserts. From east to west and north to south, the country brags about its unique sweets and their flavours, demonstrating how much people love varied colours and confections. Among other types of sweets, Ras Malai is the most popular ‘Mithai’ of India that is served to the people on almost any occasion and people across the length and breadth of the country relishes it with love. One of the most popular sweets and snacks food chains that are known for its soft, sweet and flavoured Ras Malai is Shree Ram Sweets and Snack Pvt Ltd. Started as a tiny sweets shop in 1965 with the name Shree Ram Sweets, today, it has turned into a brand called Shree Ram Sweets and Snack Pvt Ltd, a franchise that resonates with people across the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh, all under the capable leadership of Manish Maurya.


Incepted by Rajendra Kumar Maurya (MLA, Sadar Pratapgarh), father of Manish Maurya, Shree Ram Sweets has made this outlet the one-stop shop for buying traditional Indian sweets. Manish Maurya, an emerging next-generation entrepreneur, is taking forward his father’s legacy and is successfully leading Shri Ram Sweets & Snacks Private Limited to new heights of success. Shree Ram Sweets has forever been in limelight for its iconic Ras Malai and Laddus, and other wide range of drool-worthy confectioneries and Indian delicacies that have made people travel from far away just for one melodious bite. Sweets can be expensive or innovative but delicious sweet treats are rare to find. Shree Ram’s Ras malai is well-known all around Awadh part of Uttar Pradesh, with its franchises located in prime locations in cities like Allahabad, Faizabad, Sitapur, Prayagraj, Ayodhya, and Raebarelli.


Currently owned and managed by young entrepreneur Manish Maurya, Shree Ram Sweets and Snacks have exponentially grown and expanded his family business. Through his zeal, knack for business, and marketing acumen that he possesses, Manish Maurya is bringing innovation to the decades-old family business. Currently, the brand is catering to the growing demand for exquisite sweets and has emerged as a rock-solid name by producing about 200 varieties of sweets alongside making 15 types of Ras Malai and 25 types of pickles. Not just this, their delicious Ras Malai is soaked in sweetened, thickened milk and then are delicately flavoured with cardamom and garnished with nuts and this is what has helped them carve a niche around itself and is not just a mouth-watering sweet for common people but is also purchased by VVIPs and people across nearby districts. From political rallies of high-profile leaders to weddings of influential people, their sweets are a must on every occasion. Besides this, people from adjoining states like Bihar, Delhi, and Haryana also come to taste their delicacies.


Owner of Shree Ram Sweets, Manish Maurya said, “We believe in maintaining the authenticity of the traditional sweets which were born with our shop. From our creamy sweets that have special filled rounds to mithai’s that are everyone’s favorite, we have premium quality sweets that are loved by all. All the credit goes to my grandfather who had a dream and worked very hard for it. We are here because of his grace and devotion and I am leaving no stone unturned for taking it to new heights of success.”


Manish Maurya, despite his young age, is proving his mettle as an entrepreneur and an investor. Understanding the importance of investing in innovation and new business ideas, he has not limited himself to his family business but has started a few other ventures too. He owns Kutumbh Infra Real Homes Private Limited, a real estate development company in Lucknow that offers luxury apartments and has been in active service for the last seven years. Apart from this, Manish also owns and runs Shree Ram Vatika, Shree Ram Inn & Maurya Resorts, a luxury hotel accommodation for wedding functions and other various services. Shree Ram Gramoudhog, a manufacturing unit that processes fruits and vegetables to produce amla murabba, pickles, fruit candies, juices, fruit barfi, fruit laddu, and other eatables, which are supplied all over India, is also owned by the young businessman. Shri Ram Milk Producer Private Limited is another brilliant effort toward expanding Manish’s business arm. The company works on assembling milk collection units in every populated village nearby to buy milk directly from the farmers and process its packaging in making various dairy products.


Manish is also expanding his arms in business by taking initiatives like Gooseberry (Amal) growers and food processing federations, an initiative taken by the company that collaborates with the government to produce employment and provide new technology to produce more quality food products in Pratapgarh. Shree Ram Sweets, under Manish, has engraved its name proudly in the domain of marketing and manufacturing and has positioned itself as the next big thing in the segment of sweets and delicacies. Through his entrepreneurial skills and the business acumen he inherited from his father, the virtuoso is working towards expanding Shree Ram Sweets and Snacks Pvt Ltd and its fine range of Ras Malais and making it a name that is known across Pan-India.

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