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Meet Ankit Hassanandani Founder of Sanskriti Events, Who is not only an Entrepreneur But Also a Successful Blogger.

Ankit Hassanandani is an entrepreneur who is also a highly skilled celebrity manager as well as a digital marketer, he is a consultant too and is ruling the internet as a travel blogger. One can say that Ankit Hassanandani is a jack of all trades with a master of multiple skills. He founded Sanskriti events in the year 2007, through which he gained experience in the events sector. After years of learning and hard work, he launched Sanskriti Digital in the year 2019. However, this is not it as he started his travel blog in 2015 while working for his firm and has also founded Travel with Ankit, which is a tour and travel company. He has been a multitasker since a very young age and his interest has made him what he is today.

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Ankit Hassanandani Founder of Sanskriti Events

Born in the small town of Madhya Pradesh, Burhanpur he was brought up in Gwalior, he did his schooling from there only. Currently, he is in Mumbai for more than 12 years and has established his firm. His company Sanskriti events have done more than 2500 live concerts in over 24 countries worldwide now. And his organization is currently managing 12 prominent artists and celebrities.

Till now under the banner of Sanskriti Events, he has managed over 100 artists and celebrities exclusively. He has worked in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Uganda, Hongkong, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, and many more

Sanskriti Digital is one of the renowned digital marketing companies which offer services like social media marketing, website designing, designing, editing, promotions, online courses and media PR etc. Sanskriti Events is also one of the top media events companies in which they have worked with top-notch Bollywood celebrities and singers.

Talking about his company, Ankit says that the company works on 3 pillars – Trust, Quality & Relations. Every team member is like a family to him and has contributed their best to make the company reach newer heights every year.

Travel with Ankit is a Tour and Travel company that only do premium & customized international tours. It provides services like travel planning, consultation, flight bookings, visa, sightseeing, tours, hotel bookings etc.

As a travel blogger, Ankit has visited more than 8 countries and uploaded the vlogs on his YouTube channel “Travel with Ankit”. He is also having his an Instagram blog where you can find the vlogs of his solo travelling. He believes that every country is having its beauty, tradition and culture, travelling as a native helps me in understanding that diversity.

With a keen interest in exploring new places and new work sectors, Ankit is evolving every day with the time.

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