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Motorcycle Escapades – More than just touring

What comes to your mind when you hear the words, “Motorcycle Trip”. Most likely you’d think of Leh Ladakh. A rider’s paradise. Every rider’s dream tour, right? But that being the most common pick, the region has started to experience a lot of crowds in the last couple of years, which is bound to increase more in coming years.

It is time to explore new destinations by taking the road less travelled. And Motorcycle Escapades is all about that. Specialized in adventure motorcycle touring in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Cambodia, Motorcycle Escapades promises to take you on expeditions that have never been heard of in this country. Based out of Bengaluru, this company is an expert curator of off-beat destinations across India and other Asian countries.
Its paramount objective is to provide unique adventure travel escapades and achieve high class customer experience by facilitating quality motorcycles with local expertise that create unforgettable holiday memories.
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Motorcycle Escapades caters to domestic as well as international clients, who are not just adventure motorcycle enthusiasts, but who also prefer family motorcycle leisure vacation. Their frequent clients are mainly from India, Europe, UK and Australia, who love long adventurous expeditions. What’s unique about this travel company is the ecosystem that provides flexibility to every rider to choose the destinations according to their riding preferences. With their most experienced tour leaders and expert technical teams which are thoroughly trained in handling all the issues of the motorcycles while on the tour, they provide a hassle-free motorcycle vacation with your loved ones and friends.

Escapades’ spectrum of itineraries ranges from extreme motorcycle expeditions to leisure motorcycle holidays. One can choose either Trans Himalayan Motorcycle Expeditions for 21 days covering 13 high altitude mountain passes and more than 10 different Himalayan valleys in one tour. Or they can choose leisure motorcycle vacation in South India, Goa, and Rajasthan. Their leisure travel itineraries also include Heritage Motorcycle tours to Hampi, Badami and other UNESCO world heritage destinations across India.
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Motorcycle Escapades was born out of one man’s passion for adventure traveling, Deepak Chandrashekhar. Deepak, the founder of Motorcycle Escapades is an MBA graduate who quit his advertising job to follow his passion. He’s a motorcycle travel enthusiast with 10 years of experience in the Travel & Tourism industry, covering more than 15 countries, serving clients across the globe by guiding them to the best exotic destinations on motorcycles. He is resolute in his determination to offer great motorcycle tours across India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and other Asian countries, through Motorcycle Escapades.

Despite facing many challenges that arose due to the Covid outbreak, including cancellation of most of the tours booked for 2020, Deepak is highly optimistic. Things have started to pick up as he has observed a significant increase in domestic travelers and is certain that it will grow further in 2022. With this optimism and confidence, he has introduced a few more offerings such as Cross-Country Motorcycle Expeditions, SUV Tours, Couples Only Road Trips and Women only Road trips to Ladakh.


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