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Mysterious Case of Sexual Offence and Letters | Jodhpur Viral Video – Who’s Right Who’s Wrong?

Mehul Bhatnagar, a class 12th student studying in Central Academy, Jodhpur yesterday on 13th Sep’22 shared his story on social media who is currently being accused of fake rape & acid attack threats by a girl ‘Raksha Asopa’ who studied with him in the same class. He says, they were both casual friends earlier but after 25th May’22 he was blocked by her without telling her any reason but that she was getting constant calls while he has not done anything and that he didn’t even know who is doing this because as per him, someone else must be doing this with his name. Let’s support him so that he can prove his innocence. In this era of feminism, why would we blindly believe a complaint without any evidence?

Mehul’s track record doesn’t show any symptoms of this kind of behavior. On 28th June’22, Raksha received the first letter in his name. At this time, his school’s PTI teacher physically assaulted Mehul who forced him to accept the allegation. He was rusticated from school after 5 days without any inquiry just because of the pressure enforced by the Girl’s father ‘Vipin Asopa’ as he was putting pressure on the school that the rapport of the school is at stake. Even after Mehul’s rustication, the letters continued being received by Raksha which seemed weird but in spite of that, Mehul was not heard at all. Even Jodhpur police were involved and while Mehul was in Indore, the letters still continued. Did the writing of the letters really match Mehul’s writing? the case is as simple as that?

Why the delivery of letters couldn’t be traced? Why was no surveillance used to investigate? What Jodhpur police was doing all along? They seemed something totally obnoxious and arrested Mehul on 24th Aug ’22 when the girl received the letter for a possible acid attack. He was declared Criminal without any proper investigation. CI Joginder Singh, Shastri Nagar Police Station insulted and abused both Mehul and his mother with no evidence. Head constable Majid Khan, Shastri Nagar Police station also put Mehul under lockup and created a report for being violent inside the police station.

Mehul was bailed and still, the letters continued getting received by Raksha after which Raksha and family lodged an FIR under the POSCO act (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012) In this era of women empowerment, do we not think that it’s not about different rights for men and women but equal rights correct so why are we letting the pendulum shift to the other side? Who would be responsible if Mehul does something that we all regret? I believe by listening to him and making his voice come forward, we can help not only this Mehul but many Mehul all across the world. All Mehul needs is a chance to be heard out. isn’t?


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