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NEWS44, a news portal aimed at bringing out stories of common man, to go live this March

NEWS44, an all-new Delhi-based online news portal is set to go live from March this year. Incepted by Bhupender Kumar, Rishi Dubey, and Sumit Kr Vasudev, NEWS44 will be a platform that would have its presence in both Digital Media and Print Media. NEWS44 is started with an aim to take up inspiring stories of common people, their journey, their plight, and their hard work.


The news portal will be having a dedicated team of writers, reporters, editors, and all the other people with vast experience in the field of Journalism. The management at NEWS44 will consist of Bhupender Kumar and Rishi Dubey in the capacity of a Director and Sumit Kr Vasudev as the General Manager (GM). They have also announced that they will be rolling out their premium print newspaper on a fortnightly basis that will be provided to all the subscribed newsreaders.


Talking about the venture, Director of NEWS44, Bhupender Kumar said, “Our aim at NEWS44 is to give a platform to the voice of unheard. We seek to put forward news that matters to the common public and news that makes you think. One of the primary reasons for us to start NEWS44 is because we want to provide viewers with authentic and credible news that is not biased in anyways and is also propaganda-free.”


Taking forward the views of Bhupender, Rishi Dubey said, “After in-depth research and feeling the need to start a news venture, we felt this was the right time to do so as digital is the new future and more and more people are consuming the news on their smartphones. Meanwhile, the traditional print media has been successful in sustaining in the market and this is the reason we have decided to go for the print version as well.”


Sharing why they decided to name their endeavor so unique, General Manager Sumit Kr Vasudev shared that the trio finds 44 to be their lucky number and hence the decision of embarking on a new journey with NEWS44.


The news portal NEWS44 plans to derive and bring out the stories that do not find a place in the big National Media and for the same, they have three people at the management level from three different backgrounds alongside a formidable team of journalists, content writers, editors, and field reporters.

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