Friday, June 21, 2024 launches India’s largest NFT marketplace for Celebrities and Brands. launches India’s largest NFT marketplace for Celebrities and Brands. has launched its new portal which will be India’s largest NFT Marketplace for Celebrities, Brands and Influencers. The platform will cater to thousands of NFTs minted across a variety of categories such as Bollywood, Cricket, Hollywood, Art, Fashion, Influencers, Music, Memes, and Photography. is taking this significant opportunity to introduce the power, flexibility, and beauty of NFTs to the large Indian populace and the team has built a beautiful and efficient NFT marketplace for Indian Celebrities, Influencers, and Brands. The platform is built on 3C framework and principles of Content, Collaboration, and Community.

Talking about the portal, the Founder of NFTindya, Naren Lokwani stated, “India’s large Digital Creator population is cruising towards the new age Digital Creator Economy powered by low-cost Internet Bandwidth, social media adoption, and wide-spread digital skills. The advent of Digital Creators has spawned a whole new economy, which is worth $19 Billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $30.6 Billion by 2023, as per an EY report. Looking at this we thought of bringing a platform based on the NFT that will we available to all kind of creative minds.”



NFTindya is built using a world-class, scalable and decentralized, and immutable NFT platform. The platform is best placed to initiate the revolution of NFTs in the extremely large Indian market. With their world-class technology, this team aims to onboard thousands of users in the exciting world of NFTs.  Overall, NFTindya’s philosophy is to create a platform completely owned by new-age Digital Creators and foster an environment of Content, Community, and Collaboration.

Content & Community: At NFTindya, the focus is on building a community of Artists, Influencers, and Brands. This is to keep the platform focused on building world-class content around Experiences, Travel, Food, Art, Paintings, and Movies.

Collaboration: By building a community of Brands and Influencers on the same platform, NFTindya fosters collaboration between brands and content creators. e.g. a Travel brand onboarded on NFTindya will partner with Travel Influencers and we would encourage such partnerships in the NFT community. Collaboration is a key cornerstone of NFTindya’s product philosophy.

Ease of Use: Using the world-class NFT technology, the platform has really simplified the process of NFT creation, NFT Transfer, and NFT sale. New users on the NFTindya platform do not have to be technically or crypto proficient, and can easily mint, sell and own NFTs. The key UX philosophy has been to onboard users with limited or no crypto exposure to NFTindya platform with significant ease of use. The platform has already seen rapid adoption with more than 30 Crore worth of NFTs minted since the soft launch.

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