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Noida: Biryani Shop Owner Crushes Rat With Bike, Police Arrested, Video Went Viral On Social media

In Noida, a small town known for its vibrancy, a recent incident has captured widespread attention due to a viral video that circulated across various social media platforms. The video showcased a man identified as ‘Khan Biryani,’ also known as Jainul Urf Jainulabdeen , involved in a disturbing event where he crushed a rat with his bike. The incident occurred in Sector 66, where Khan Biryani runs a popular biryani shop, and has sparked significant controversy.

इंसानियत शर्मसार, नोएडा में 'खान बिरयानी' के मालिक ने चूहे को बाइक से कुचल  कर मार डाला, वीडियो वायरल होने पर गिरफ्तार |

The viral video portrays the unfortunate event that transpired one night as Khan Biryani was leaving his residence. He unexpectedly encountered a rat scurrying across his path, and in a deeply unfortunate act, he proceeded to run over the defenseless creature with his bike, causing its untimely demise. Subsequently, the local police took action and apprehended him on charges directly related to this troubling incident of animal cruelty.

the arrest of Jainulabdeen under Section 151, as clarified by the police, was not specifically linked to the rat incident. Instead, it resulted from his disruptive behavior at his bustling biryani shop. Reports suggest that he had been causing turmoil among customers by involving them in financial disputes. The police perceived this as a potential threat to public order, leading to his apprehension under Section 151, which allows for preventive custody to maintain law and order in society.

Noida police arrested man for rat crushing with the bike questions raised -  बाइक से कुचलकर चूहे को मारा तो उठा ले गई नोएडा पुलिस, युवक की गिरफ्तारी पर  उठे सवाल | Jansatta

As news of the arrest spread, media outlets and social media users engaged in passionate discussions about both the rat-killing incident and the subsequent detention of the biryani vendor. People expressed varying opinions, some condemning the appalling treatment of the rat, while others debated the appropriateness of the police action.

The Noida police addressed the matter through a concise tweet, providing additional context to the situation. They disclosed that Jainulabdeen was, indeed, running a biryani business and had engaged in heated disputes with customers over financial matters. Despite efforts to reason with him, his agitation escalated, leading to his eventual arrest under Section 151, accompanied by the issuance of a challan—a formal charge sheet.

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