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Portabl, by Charlee Jeunehomme, Covered In The International World Press

In the year 2015, Charlee Jeunehomme, with his associates Laurent Wéry and Thomas Castro, invented the world’s first triple screen extension for laptops on a single USB cable. Together, the three founded the tech company, Portabl, which is growing at a fast pace, marking its name in the industry. Their brand DNA can be best described as “reinventing portability”.

The whole idea of their product was such a huge ambition that it wasn’t expected from a startup to come up with it. Not only to come up with a brilliant idea but to also succeed. Portabl pre-sold over 10 million dollars worth of their triple screen extension for laptops, the Slide, before even being available in the market. Their innovation has already turned the heads of many. Including NASA, French Army, Harvard, Tinder, Amazon, and US Navy who were among the first customers who bought the technological gem for pre-order (over 16,000).

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Invited At The MSI Headquarters
According to the numbers, gamers represent a huge market share for the Slide. The watchwords of this specific meeting at the MSI HQ were PERFORMANCE, GAMING, TRENDS, and CONNECTIVITY. This meeting was an opportunity for them to sit down with the world leader in laptop gaming manufacturing and explore common opportunities. Portabl’s first product, The Slide, enables one to play a game, change songs and answer Insta DMs all at once without having to change screens constantly.

Meeting With Yang Yuanqinq, CEO of Lenovo
Lenovo, a renowned company that is leading the world’s trends in the laptop industry, is continuously improving the efficiency of people all around the world.
Along with the huge success, Slide also brought C, Laurent Wéry, and Thomas Castro to a private meeting with the CEO of Lenovo, Yang Yuanqinq. In this meeting, they discussed the brilliant future of portability with the Slide and many upcoming devices.

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Proud Winners Of The NRJ Startup Awards
Slide (the very first product developed by ‘Portabl’), was honored with the NRJ Startup Award. With more than 1000 press articles internationally, 100K+ shares, and over 200 million views on video content, this startup won the award under the creating “buzz” category for its offbeat communication line and futuristic vision.

World Firstat Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas
Many entrepreneurs were spotted at the world premiere of Slide, expected at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In this show, they gave a demo of their product to a large audience. A place full of startuppers and entrepreneurs must be an ideal audience to welcome their innovation.

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