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Raksha Bandhan Gifting Combos from OZiva, clean, plant based holistic wellness brand

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and what’s better than treating your loved ones with some wellness essentials. Below are a few wellness combos from OZiva.  

Glow up and better skin routine combo:

What if you could get clearer and glowing skin with strong anti-ageing effects, all at once? Try out the OZiva Glow Up and Better Skin Routine. OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder supports 10X Collagen Synthesis* for a youthful look with fewer fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Your body’s natural collagen decreases from your mid-20s, so you will need to replenish it. OZiva Plant Based Vitamin E helps moisturise and nourish skin, adding a healthy glow from the inside and strengthening hair. OZiva Plant Based Matcha Plus contains 137 antioxidants* that helps reduce skin pigmentation and dark spots, and supports clearer skin.

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45-Day Youthful Skin Beauty Kit
Say hello to youthful, fresh-looking skin in just 45 days! The Kit includes Plant Based Collagen Builder (250g) + Youth Elixir Moisturising Cream (50g) + Inner Glo Face Wash (100ml) for Youthful Glow & Enhanced Radiance. Collagen Builder supports 10X collagen synthesis* in the body. Youth Elixir Moisturizing Cream is made with a delightful blend of plant-based ingredients which help moisturizer and tighten the skin, and enhance the skin’s hydrating properties for a fresh glow. It smooths out your skin to support up to 30% Reduction in Wrinkles Within 8 Weeks✝ and a revitalized complexion. Inner Glo Face Wash is a highly beneficial skin brightening face wash that provides your skin visible glow and freshness because of its potent plant-based ingredients. It also gently exfoliates while giving your skin a visible glow in 8 weeks.
Priced at – Rs. 1,499
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