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Republic Day 2023: Students and teachers should give speech like this on 26 January

26 January Speech: We will celebrate our 74th Republic Day on 26 January 2023 amidst the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. Since the Indian Constitution came into force on 26 January 1950, various cultural programs inspired by patriotism are organized in schools, universities, colleges and other educational institutions across the country on the occasion of Republic Day celebrated on this date every year.

One of these programs is the speech given by the participating students and teachers, for which both the students and teachers make prior preparations. To help in this preparation, we are going to tell you some such 26 January speech ideas, by adopting which you can get encouragement from the audience with applause and it is expected that their applause will not stop.


Tips for Republic Day Speech for Students

Students must keep this in mind while preparing speech for Republic Day 2023 26 January That they focus on the importance of independence in today’s context instead of adding too much theory and events of the freedom struggle. Students should add in their speech the features of the Indian Constitution and the duties of the citizens given in it. Include what are our national duties as a student. Also, students should include popular patriotic statements of various freedom fighters in their 26 January Hindi speech.

Republic Day speech tips for teachers

Similarly, teachers can also introduce the reason and importance of celebrating this day in the Republic Day Speech. Interesting features of the constitution (which students should know), etc. can also be included. Also include the present form of our constitution in 26 January speech and include one or two of the main changes or amendments. Include one of the popular patriotic statements of freedom fighters after every 5 minutes to make the speech interesting.

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