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Sara Ali Khan follows Pilates & Black Water!

The new age actress, Sara Ali Khan was recently papped after her Pilates session in her upgraded gym attire holding  Blackwater.

An inspiration to the youth of India, Sara Ali Khan follows a regime that involves working out on a daily basis.  Apart from working out, she ensures to consumes a lot of black alkaline water for her skin and body.


So, can Black Water be a fitness recipe for Sara’s toned and healthy body?

Black Alkaline water is enriched with many essential minerals and has a high alkaline pH of 8+, yielding multiple health benefits. Evocus which is ‘more than just water contains ultra-hydrating properties which means hydration for a longer period of time. It draws out toxins from the body, helps in boosting metabolism, and immunity, and has anti-aging properties that filter out free radicals making you look younger and youthful.

Pilates & Black Water is the secret prescription bestowing perfect health & fitness to our Bollywood celebs and Sara carrying this B-town favorite black alkaline drink to her gymming session can be inspirational for people to start their Health and Wellness transformation journey.

This unique Evocus black alkaline water is sold on amazon and on their website

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