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Scube Card – A powerful business tool every professional should own

The new generation NFC Business Card for smarter and faster networking. An all-in-one Digital Business Card that lets you share contact information and much more

Networking is a crucial part of every business and therefore every professional needs to have a business card that creates an unforgettable first impression. The purpose of a business card is to make sure that the contact details of the person reach the right prospects that later turn into leads and eventually into clients. But most business cards either get misplaced or simply end up being part of a big pile of cards that are never even looked at.

What if there was a way to ensure that your professional information reaches the desired prospect without getting lost. Well, Scube Card does exactly that. Enabled with NFC technology, Scube Card lets you share your contact details such as phone number, email address, social media handles, addresses, websites, and much more with just a simple tap on a smartphone. Scube cards also come with dynamic QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone to share networking information.
The tech in Scube Cards is backed with the highly efficient Scube App that lets you create, edit and update your profile effortlessly. Moreover, the app can also be used to share information via SMS. The Scube App can be downloaded for free on Play Store and App Store.

The eccentric designs of Scube Cards help to not only create a great first impression, but also an everlasting one. There are pre-designed card templates available for preview on Apart from these, there are also customization options available to personalize your card with a logo or even a picture. You can directly connect with the Scube Design Team to customize your card with no additional cost involved.

It all started with one man’s vision to change the traditional method of networking with paper cards. Siva Makireddy. Siva is the Founder and CEO at Scube. Talking about his hi-tech next-gen venture, he says, “We wanted to create paperless means of interaction between professionals and clients. This idea inspired us to create a personalized, customized, versatile, and tech-enabled business card that would last a lifetime. Thus was born Scube in 2019. Scube is proud to share an inviolable relationship with its clients and technology that lies at the core of our service philosophy. We aim to stay ahead of the competition while putting your needs above everything else.”

Siva Makireddy is an exceptionally qualified young professional. A Gold Medalist from the highly esteemed Vellore Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. He has also acquired a Master’s in Computer Science from George Washington University. While studying Computer Science at the University in 2018, he joined the five-week Draper University Hero Training Entrepreneurship Program in Silicon Valley with Tim Draper, where he learned critical start-up skills and how to network with other primitive entrepreneurs. To add to these exceptional achievements he also became one of the semi-finalists at the prestigious GW New Venture Competition for 2019.

Siva Makireddy wants to empower every professional individual, right from corporate businessmen to freelance artists, from entrepreneurs to content creators, in India.

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