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SHARK TANK vs. GODI MEDIA You have to watch this latest funny video Spoof of Shark Tank.

Dhamaal creators have taken a funny hit on everyone’s current binge-watch favourite Shark Tank. Baby Shark Tank is a spoof that you have to watch! This viral video of baby sharks messing with an even goofier contestant is worth your ten minutes. Dhamaal Creators is a growing channel and deserves all the love and support for the entertaining videos that they put out every week. High-quality content, concepts, and comics from start to execution. This will be your go-to YouTube binge-watch channel now!


This video is a blast of laughter right from the beginning. It stars two huge names in the comedy industry. KK Goswami, best remembered as Gabru from the good old days, and ABBAS RIZVI, best known for his Saurabh Show, another series on Dhamaal Creators. He is also the Producer and Dhamaal Creator’s channel founder.


KK Goswami plays Ashneer Grover under the alias Asheel Londa Grover and lands some of his catchphrases worth comedy gold. Abbas Rizvi pretends to be a contestant and comes with a hilarious pitch of his business idea, “making the impossible Goa plan possible.” Rajni Jahangir plays Namita Thapar as Namita Thappad and makes the scenes a real knee Slapper with similar Namita-like originality from the show.


Gudu Dada plays Anupam Mittal as hilarious Anupam Chappal and pulls off an outstanding performance. Irfan Bachkana and Shoiab Sangram also make an appearance as two more judges


Comedy is packed right in with all the judges being short in height, thus the funny name of the spoof show ‘Baby Shark Tank’ and the exaggerated enthusiasm of the contestant with a goofy idea as long as a summer day.


The contestant proposes a trip to Goa, which is just to take the judges along, given his friends also dipped on him. The spoof runs along with perfect comic timing portraying the judges’ characters with precision. The contestant’s idea is made a laughing stock by the baby sharks and has a final twist at the end. With hilarious discounts and a business idea that “will not run,” as said by Asheel Grover and how it is all “Doglapan,” it will get you and your shark tank fanatic friends cracking up.


If you’re still not convinced to watch this video that still has us cracking up, some of the comments under the video read, “Loved the Chota Ashneer,” “Abbas Rizvi executed the best energy!”


What are you waiting for? Go give the video a watch and make sure to watch till the very hand for the biggest twist of the century that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing for real!


Dhamaal creators on YouTube make such funny videos and content. Make sure to subscribe to their channel to seal the deal of your daily dose of laughter.


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