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Skeyndor’s Latest Product Launch

Skeyndor March Launch

On this Women’s Day, let’s take a moment to celebrate the beauty of women everywhere. Our skin is our canvas, and it’s important to take care of it every day. Healthy skin not only looks good, but it also makes us feel good. Skeyndor believes that with the right skincare routine, we can achieve that healthy glow and radiance that makes us feel confident and beautiful. So, let’s pamper ourselves and celebrate the beauty of women by prioritizing our skincare regimen and indulging in self-care.


Blue Light Technology SPF50+ OCEAN RESPECT Protective Cream 

Blue Light Technology 1 1120x » hindu metro

Face cream with a very high sun protection factor SPF 50+, featuring SKEYNDOR’s exclusive BLUE LIGHT TECHNOLOGY, protection by directly blocking HEV blue light rays. Non-greasy cream, water-resistant, and now with “NEW “OCEAN RESPECT ” formula through which your skin will be shielded from the sun and other external irritants, such as the harm caused by Holi’s colorful powder.

Price: Rs. 3,390.00

 Product link: 1&_sid=71bd9f228&_ss=r&variant=44369776836917


 Power C+ Energizing Emulsion 

energizing emulsion » hindu metro

The highest concentration of absorbable Vitamin C in any Skeyndor therapy provides immediately vibrant and bright skin. The formula for this treatment contains 25% derivatives of Vitamin C and 10% each of the superfruits acai and pomegranate, giving skin a triple antioxidant defense to fight against the chemical colors.

 Price: Rs. 3,770.00

Product link: 4325301


 About Skeyndor


 “Formulated by Scientists, Recommended by Beauty Therapists: SKEYNDOR- Science Creates Beauty”


SKEYNDOR, the No. 1 Skincare brand from Spain, was established in 1966, and ever since its inception, it has been a trendsetter with innovative technologies for the cosmetics industry. It was launched in India in August 2011 by Mr. Ravi Mittal, Managing Director at Ekta Cosmetics Ltd. Known as ‘’Scientific Skincare”, the philosophy is based on continuous innovation and facilitating work for beauty centers with new active ingredients and breakthroughs. The products offer scientifically proven results endorsed by efficacy studies.

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