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Syrian man trapped in rubble after earthquake

Thousands of people lost their lives due to the strong earthquake in Syria in the past. Due to the earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale in both the countries, there is a scene of devastation all around. Thousands of buildings have collapsed and the work of evacuating people from its debris is still going on. Meanwhile, the suffering of a Syrian man trapped in the debris came to the fore.

Family saved from bombings, devastated by earthquake

Naser al-Wakah survived bombings and rocket attacks in Syria during the war, but the recent earthquake destroyed everything, including his family. His home in Jandaris in northwestern Syria was not spared when the earthquake struck and buried his wife and their children.

Death of wife and five children

Naser al-Wakah, who is trapped in the rubble of his ruined home, prays for his children. In a video, he was seen saying that I saved the family from the war, but I did not go ahead of God’s will. He said “Now please God please let only one of my children live. All I need is one of my children.” However, rescue workers reportedly pulled her two children alive from the rubble the night after the earthquake.

More than 24000 deaths due to earthquake so far

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria has killed more than 24,000 people so far. More than 19 thousand people have died in Turkey alone. At the same time, more than 3,000 people have died in Syria. A total of 77 thousand people are said to be injured in both the countries.

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