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Take A Fruity Trip with Keventers Smoothies!

India, 7th June 2023: Keventers, the iconic Indian dairy brand with a legacy of 97 years best known for its milkshakes and ice creams, launches a new range of smoothies this summer! The goodness of fruits, the creamy texture of a chilled smoothie, the delicious burst of flavors, specially crafted and served up in a bottle is here to beat the summer heat. Get ready for the most delightful combinations of your favourite fruits, blended to perfection at select Keventers outlets. Keventers fruit smoothies are made of 100% fruit and are an indulgent option with no added colors, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Adding to a growing beverage portfolio, which offers a wide variety of options, this latest launch comes backed by innovation and a commitment to bring greater variety to consumers.

Carrying forward the Keventers legacy of great taste and crafted recipes, it is just in time to revive your summer with refreshing flavors and satiate all your cravings in a Keventers bottle near you. Take a fruity trip with our four recipes, ranging from the Blueberry Blast Smoothie which is a burst of blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, and juicy apples. If you love berries then this is the perfect match for your taste buds. To sail through the scorching heat during the day go for a Simple Love Smoothie. It is a power-packed punch of succulent strawberries, sweet apples, creamy bananas, and earthy beetroot that keeps you charged throughout. If you have a fruity citrusy palate then pick up a Summer Hummer Smoothie which is a perfect blend of juicy mangoes, zesty oranges, and mighty carrots to quench your thirst. All mango lovers can vouch for this classic Mighty Mango Smoothie which is infused with the sweetness of pulpy mangoes with a tangy touch of fresh strawberries, created to satisfy your palate.

The brand has always been committed to introduce the most innovative and unique flavours for its patrons with each addition. The newly introduced smoothies add to the brand’s growing and diverse beverage portfolio, which recently witnessed the launch of sparkling iced beverages and thick shakes. Well timed to meet the rising consumer demand for more variety as summer kicks in, they have been launched after meticulous research to achieve the most enhanced flavour profile.

Speaking on the new product launch, Agastya Dalmia, Founder & CEO, Keventers, says, “Our latest drop brings the delicious fruits of summer to you in the creamiest and most exotic set of smoothies. Our focus has been on enhancing customer experience and offering a greater variety across our growing beverage portfolio. We have consistently worked on innovative new products with a diverse flavor profile and have worked on introducing new variants across categories for our consumers. The latest launch of fruit smoothies is made from quality ingredients, carefully selected to ensure maximum taste and quality.. [1] “

Keventers Fruit smoothies are priced at INR. 239/- and are available in select Keventers outlets in the country and online via Zomato & Swiggy. Served in the signature Keventers bottle, this is an indulgent treat perfectly timed for the season. It’s all about fresh fruit summer with Keventers, we can’t wait to order ours, can you?

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