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STRANGER & SONS in cahoots with THE BOMBAY CANTEEN is abiding by its seasonal ritual this time of year by bringing back Perry Road Peru, their celebrated distilled cocktail

From Bandra’s bustling lanes and into your home bars – Perry Road Peru, India’s first distilled cocktail, created by the custodians of cocktail culture in India, Stranger & Sons, received a resounding encore. For a fleeting season it’s back to deliver the full punch of the iconic fruit, and put a peru-tinted spin on the festivities.

National, 27th December 2022- A delightfully strange and seasonal collaboration between Stranger & Sons and The Bombay Canteen, Perry Road Peru is the first of its kind in India – a single-batch, limited edition distilled cocktail. Inspired by the humble and highly seasonal, pink guavas (‘perus’) that line the streets of Bombay twice a year, they found the perfect muse to capture Bombay’s spirit. Fresh, balanced and luscious, it lingers on the palate long enough to take you back to ‘peru’s of days past and leaves you wanting more! 

Perry Road Peru by Stranger Sons 1 » hindu metro 

With a nostalgic aroma and a ripe, robust flavor, this limited-edition cocktail is the perfect union of the potent peru and the 9 Indian botanicals in Stranger & Sons gin. As rituals go, this year too Stranger & Sons monopolized the season’s choicest pink peru carts across the country. This bounty of fruit at its peak is peeled and slowly macerated for 6 hours and then distilled for another 18 hours —till every drop is flushed with freshness in the gin to deliver a limited season release that captures the peru’s heady aroma and flavor. And in typical Bombay fashion, this seasonal distilled cocktail. It can be enjoyed over ice in a rocks glass or topped up with tonic or soda in a highball, served with a spiced rim!

Balanced in flavor and flamboyant in hue, Perry Road Peru will be available in select stores and cities starting with Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune), Goa and will soon be in Karnataka. However, like the pink perus it’s made with, the seasonal Perry Road Peru will also have a limited run in each city! 

Perry Road Peru was conceptualized right from the start as an expression of their shared love for local and seasonal and a celebration of the city. Furthermore, it was their thirst for innovation that led the teams at Stranger & Sons & The Bombay Canteen to create something unique and entirely new for India’s cocktail and gin enthusiasts. About the same time in 2020, Perry Road Peru ushered in the era of bottled cocktails and took the city of Bombay by storm. Cornered by Peru fanatics and overwhelmed by a never-ending sea of requests from cities all over, the folks at Stranger & Sons and The Bombay Canteen just had to come together once again to coax the season’s last harvest out of Bandra’s famed Peru cart! 

Speaking on the decision to take Perry Road Peru across the country, Sakshi Saigal, Co-founder & Director of Third Eye Distillery had this to add, “Perry Road Peru caused quite a stir not just in Mumbai but even among people across the country and parts of the world. Tons of people resonated with the product in unimaginable ways! From what was planned as an interesting experiment for us to channel our creativity and drive for innovation; after the overwhelming response in Mumbai in the last 2 years, we realized that we just had to create the experience for a larger audience.”

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“As champions of seasonal and local produce, The Bombay Canteen is delighted to join hands with Stranger & Sons for this first of its kind collaboration that celebrates all things Bombay. But Perry Road Peru isn’t just another cocktail in a bottle but an expression of both brands’ love for all things local and nostalgic, and with this collaboration we step into a whole new territory to bring you a celebratory drink to be enjoyed with family and friends this festive season. It is the nostalgia inspired flavor of Bombay in an all-new and unexpected avatar; a bit like the spirit of the city – sweet, sour, spicy and salty all captured in this bottle.” said Sameer Seth, founder & CEO of The Bombay Canteen (Hunger Inc. Hospitality) in anticipation of Perry Road Peru hitting markets across cities.

As two India-proud enterprises, they are all set to take their collaboration to the next level and it’s indeed going to be a head-turning, thirst-quenching adventure, especially for those who get to witness it up close!

Perry Road Peru will be available in select stores across Maharashtra and Goa and will soon be hitting the shelves in Karnataka too. 

About Stranger & Sons

The spirit of India in a spirit from India.

Stranger & Sons is a contemporary Indian Gin, the debut spirit from Third Eye Distillery in Goa, founded in 2018 by Rahul Mehra, Sakshi Saigal and Vidur Gupta. Crafted with inherently Indian botanicals, they built a three-dimensional gin that reveals new layers with each sip. The gin has an emphatic freshness of citrus rounded off by a robust blend of warm spices including black pepper, mace, nutmeg and coriander, also making it an exceptional foundation for cocktails. An invigorating pour during the day, and a complex and seductive spirit once dusk falls, Stranger & Sons is truly a drink for all seasons.  

Created in contemporary India, a country that’s both progressive and rooted and inspired by the country’s agricultural wealth, entrepreneurial spirit and traditions, Stranger & Sons was launched as an Indian spirited gin which captures the essence of the sub-continent in every bottle and is an ode to Indian peculiarities. 

Starting out as early innovators in the Indian Gin category, to being declared one of the 8 best gins in the world in 2020 by the International Wine & Spirit Competition to winning the highest honors at The Asian Spirits Masters 2021, Gold medal at the Gin Masters 2021 and their most recent Gin of the year 2023 award by Whiskey Exchange, Stranger & Sons has put Indian Gin on the world map and continues to work towards showcasing India’s diversity to the rest of the world!

*Currently available in Goa, Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka and Rajasthan within India and UK, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, New Zealand and the UAE, internationally.

About The Bombay Canteen

Experience a taste of India, without borders. The Bombay Canteen, the award-winning restaurant and bar (by Hunger Inc. Hospitality); located at Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai, presents an unparalleled dining experience if you want to eat your way through India. It offers the classic yet unexplored charm of our country’s diverse culinary offering, marrying them expertly with familiar flavors for a truly gourmet experience; while the bar has a unique selection of re-imagined classic cocktails with firm Indian roots.

Housed within a recreated old Mumbai bungalow, an ode to the city’s art-deco inspired architectural history, The Bombay Canteen effortlessly transforms itself from day to night, making it a great choice for a hearty lunch, drinks after work, a night about town or dinner with friends and family. Showcasing the wealth of our cuisine, it recreates local, seasonal dishes and reinterprets the country’s age-old culinary traditions. The Bombay Canteen celebrates the vast, amorphous, borderless idea of India that is infinitely inspiring, with a cuisine style that showcases techniques, textures, ingredients and flavors. With an entirely unique approach to regional Indian food, that is fun, familiar yet innovative; reimagining traditional recipes using seasonal ingredients and showcasing them in a contemporary way is what inspires each season’s menu. The cuisine is best described as India-inspired with a touch of ‘Bombay love’.

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