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“THE SILENT SEA” to be released on Netflix on 24th December

On December 21, the cast and team of Nlix’s forthcoming Korean series, ‘The Silent Sea’ was available for the public interview at 11 AM KST (7:30 AM IST). In participation was entertainers Bae Doona, Gong Yoo, Lee Joon, Kim Sun Young, Lee Mu Saeng, and Lee Sung Wook alongside maker and author Park Eun Kyo, Director Choi Hang Yong, Executive Producer Jung Woo Sung.

Following the uncovering of the primary Korean Sci-Fi space thrill ride, the cast plunked down to share their encounters about the shooting of this original piece of creation. Everyone’s attention was on entertainer Gong Yoo who will make his eagerly awaited re-visitation of the universe of K-shows with this series.


Following the unmatched achievement of his last dramatization, ‘Gatekeeper: The Lonely and Great God’ also known as ‘Troll’, Gong Yoo had chosen to back away from the scene and many were anticipating his return. He momentarily gave an appearance in the widely praised ‘Squid Game’ recently. Following 5 years, the entertainer will currently return in the entirety of his wonder as Han Yoon Jae, the group drives in transit to the Balhae Space Station.

Inquisitive with regards to why he would pick ‘The Silent Sea’ as his rebound dramatization, Gong Yoo communicated his perspectives on the show and dished on his choice. “I decided to be a piece of ‘The Silent Sea’ since I had for practically forever needed to provoke myself to assume a part in a type series.

” He further upheld his words saying, “As an individual from the crowd, when I like to burn-through content, I am extremely inspired by a tragic scenery. So everything sort of met up as far as the topic, the story, and the scenery. Everything felt extremely reviving.

“Gong Yoo proceeded, “There was no specific motivation to not join the creation. It made me need to take on another test. I’m somebody who takes a gander at variety frequently and there were a lot of times when I felt we could improve as we didn’t have an assorted scope of content coming from Korea.

We hear a ton of stories inside a similar kind thus as an entertainer I generally considered extending that skyline.” Watch Gong Yoo assume the job of Han Yoon Jae in ‘The Silent Sea’ delivering on December 24, just on Netflix.

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