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Unicorn Magazine Turns Two!

Happy Birthday Unicorn!! Still can’t believe that Unicorn turned two today – 12th July 2022. The team, Dr. Romila Chitturi, Founder/Editor in Chief and Mrs. Smriti Malhotra, Design Head, always become emotional when they think about the past two years. Dr. Romila started Unicorn single handed and had to face a lot of ups and downs as establishing a brand is not at all easy especially when you have to deal with different kinds of people and a variety of mindsets. The journey of Unicorn was not different as compared to any other brand; the brand saw downfall, team disputes, marketing issues and many more. Having said that, today Unicorn is standing strong like a tree spreading its branches in different parts of the world and giving fruits to many contributors.

To brief a bit about Unicorn, it is a quarterly magazine (digital and print) that endeavors to bring endless opportunities to avid artists of all kinds across the globe. The notion behind Unicorn is to upraise the talent in the world and to reflect the same with in-depth insights. It is a literary magazine that creates a platform for everyone to showcase their potential and witness their publishing experience with a common love towards everything creative.

In a short span of time, the magazine has marked its presence in the international market, with a readership based in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Islamic Republic of Iran, The United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Republic of Congo and Egypt. Further, it bears a vast readership base that includes students, working professionals, business officials, housewives and teachers amongst others.

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The Team

Dr. Romila Chitturi – She is Founder and Editor in Chief of Unicorn. She has a PhD in Business Management, Post Graduate degrees in Business Administration, Public Relations and Digital Marketing. She is Book reviewer at Writers Around The World on Instagram and Programme Head (India) at Ukiyoto Publishing. She has authored 18 books and out of which few of them have won literary awards. She’s winner of – Super brain of India – Ms Intellectual (Twice)l, Top Blogger of India (Thrice), Best Power packed Characterisation, Sahitya Ratna Award- Top 30 Literary Icons of 2021, Sylvia Plath Memorial Women’s Literary Prize 2022, 21st Century Jane Austen Reader’s Award and Fox Story 100 Indians Under 40 – Entrepreneur 2022 Award. At last but not the least, her work has been published in several renowned publications such as Times of India, Femina, Elle, Eternal Solutions, Insite, Pratiyogita Darpan and many more. She is Delhi born, raised and educated and lives in Hyderabad.

Smriti Malhotra – She is a Delhi girl and an avid dreamer. She is Design Head at Unicorn. She works in the Embassy of the Republic of Congo by profession and is a writer by passion. She began writing while at school and it’s been almost two decades. Started writing almost two decades ago, today she is a compiler, a published author and co-author in multiple anthologies and has bagged numerous awards for her valuable contribution to the Literature World. She doesn’t love to remain stagnant and therefore she desires to learn something new every day that could make her more versatile. When not working, she can be found in mountains.

Unicorn literary Awards 2022

We, at Unicorn, always value talent and creative minds. In continuation to our endeavor, we thought what could be better than having our own Literary Awards to honor and appreciate the contributors. Dr. Romila, truly believes in giving smiles to the people and hence she introduced Unicorn Literary Awards last year.

Unicorn Literary Awards 2021 were a great success and Unicorn actually witnessed the big smiles and happiness in the eyes of the contributors on receiving the award.

Unicorn Literary Awards 2022 is on 12 July 2022 virtually. The Awards are presented in 3 categories: Writer of the Year, Poet of the Year and Artist of the Year.

There were 82 nominees in total for the 3 categories, out of which 41 were shortlisted and 3 winners from each category and 9 special mentions have been selected solely by Dr. Romila on the basis of quality of content, communication skills, working spirit, subject knowledge, writing skills, attitude during interaction via email/calls and meets and open mindedness to learn and correct their mistakes.

The top 3 winners for each category are

Writer of the year

Reshma Gowda, an aerospace enthusiast hails from Bengaluru is an Aerospace Engineer who is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. She has completed her B.E and MTech in Aerospace from Bengaluru.

Lalit Tank is a civil engineering professional with 18 years of experience in industrial projects. He started his career with top construction companies such as Tata and Ruchi group. Currently he works at Jindal Group in Gujarat as Manager (Construction division).

Shaik Maqsood is a bookaholic and artist from Bengaluru. He is a part-time coder and a full-time bibliophile. He doesn’t just love to hoard books and comics, but truly enjoys reading them too.

Poet of the year

Nishant Duphare works as Chief Operation Officer at King Research Academy, a start-up in financial market services and education based in Hyderabad. He loves to read thriller fiction. He writes poetry mostly in Hindi. He’s looking forward to publishing his first independent poetry book.

Mehak Tikoo is a Veterinary Microbiologist by profession and a writer by passion. She lives in Jammu. She has been writing since her teen years and it has been a wonderful experience for her. She likes to paint, read novels and also loves gardening.

Preity Rashmi refers to herself as a traveler, as she belongs to the aura of gypsy personality.  She is a software developer by profession, but bookishly-creative by heart. She loves to explore different genres in the world of reading, and enjoys writing poetry and articles. Though she used to write from her school days, she has officially started her writing journey recently, and contributed her work to a few poetry anthologies and literary magazines.

Artist of the year

Shavy Verma , born and raised in Delhi has her roots in Goa. Sketching is her passion and she loves recreating original art. She works in the Embassy of the Republic of Congo.

Rahul Bheel is Chief Photographer at NYRA’s CLICK. He lives in Faridabad, Haryana. He specializes in romantic and artistic wedding photography with a hint of modernity.

Praveen Krishnan lives in Palghat, Kerala. He is working in an IT company based in Bangalore. He does paintings in his leisure time and learns a lot of new techniques and trying new rules of painting.

Special Mentions – Kodeeswari Thinakaran, Sanghamitra Das, Anshul Duphare, Priyanka Choudhary, Dr. Satvik Jagadeesh Desai, Aurora Bluemoon, Amel Hauryan Nathanael Simba, Pragya Gogoi and Namrata Singhal.

Owing to its continuous growth and remarkable circulation, this year not one but 8 brands got associated with Unicorn Literary Awards 2022. We are grateful for the support of our media and gifting partners for their association with us.

3 Cheers and thank you to our:

PR partner by Digital Golgappa – India’s leading and most trusted Marketing and PR Agency. A Champion of personal branding and brand promotions.

Digital partner by IndiaCafe24 – One of the trusted digital news and entertainment portals in India, owned and run by women Entrepreneur Samata Dey Bose. They hold expertise in book reviewing, author promotion, product promotion, talent promotion, movie reviews, entertainment and travel news.

Gifting partners

Am Power – Co-founded by Nandita Mittal and Narita Ahuja based in London and Gurugram. They conduct LIVE sessions with experts, organize contests and provide a platform to one and all to be aware, skilful, knowledgeable and empowered.

The MoonLit Co – Owned by Dr Dwijisha Katkar, Mumbai – makes home products, desk decor, outfits and specializes in tote bags and bookish items.

Susanna Celsia – A talented author and writer from Bengaluru who has published two books “Oasis of poetry ” and ” A silent war cry”. She is also a role model to the woman society and won Asia’s top 100 influential woman award.

Natraj Stores – Hyderabad and Boss Art Official – Delhi.

Here’s to the start of a great year. Thanking our partners, sponsors, families, writers, friends, followers and readers for their support and trust in Unicorn. Hoping to do better and living up to our achievements of the previous two years. Forever grateful.


Dr. Romila Chitturi & Smriti Malhotra

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