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Unlock Radiant Confidence for Dad with Skeyndor Father’s Day Skincare Essentials!

It is about a time when you need to show your love to your fathers this Father’s Day! And nothing is better than giving a touch of luxury with Skeyndor’s men’s skincare range. An exclusive range that delivers exceptional results by targeting prime concerns like open pores, oily skin, and uneven skin tone. Treat your dad to a rejuvenating experience like no other with our specially curated range of products designed to provide solutions to all the major skin concerns; this range nourishes, hydrates, and detoxifies the skin for optimum results. Celebrate Father’s Day with the gift of self-care, and let him bask in the glory!

Daily Detox Face Wash

The perfect solution for a deep, refreshing cleanse. Formulated to effectively remove dirt, oil, and impurities from your skin, this facewash is a must-have addition to your daily skincare routine. Enriched with natural ingredients like green tea extract and aloe vera, this face wash helps soothe and nourish your skin while preventing breakouts and blemishes. Its gentle formula unclogs pores and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and revitalized. Suitable for all skin types, this facewash is a powerful cleansing solution that can be used twice daily for optimal results.

Daily Detox Face » hindu metro

Price: 1,590 INR

Availability: Skeyndor Daily Detox Face Wash 

Energizing Anti-Age Serum

The serum provides the skin with an invigorating dose of energy. Made with Siberian Ginseng, an adaptogen that stabilizes cell metabolism and activates the immune system, improving the skin’s resistance to stress and extreme atmospheres. It prevents and softens signs of skin fatigue and aging. SPF 10.

Energizing Anti Age Serum

Price: 2,950 INR

Availability: Skeyndor Energizing Anti-Age Serum

Redness Preventing AfterShave

Extra-refreshing balm that reduces irritation from shaving. Its formula enhances the healing action of Dragon’s Blood, together with a biotechnological complex that accelerates micro-cut evolution reduces redness, and prevents any impurities. It calms the skin, leaving the face feeling relaxed and fresh.

Redness Preventing After » hindu metro

Price: 1,690 INR

Availability: Skeyndor Redness Preventing AfterShave

Shine Control 24 H Aqua Emulsion

Deep hydration emulsion for reducing shiny, oily skin. Made with long-lasting moisturizing agents, taurine, and an osmoregulating active ingredient that improves the skin’s resistance to dehydration. It immediately unifies the skin’s appearance because its microparticles absorb any excess oil, and it includes oil-regulating agents that reduce the skin’s natural production of sebum. This refines the pore size and reduces oil production on the combination and oily skin.

Shine Control 24H Aqua » hindu metro

Price: 1,790 INR

Availability: Skeyndor Shine Control 24 H Aqua Emulsion

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