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Urinary Diseases: Do you also get foam in your urine? If you see such signs, be alert immediately.

Urinary diseases Frequent urination, burning sensation in urine, discoloration of urine, froth in urine or retention of urine are all symptoms of a serious disease. An expert should be consulted immediately.


Urinary problems: The appearance of foam in urine is considered normal, but sometimes it can also indicate a serious illness. So let’s find out why foam is formed in urine and what are the possible reasons for it. The color of urine is light or dark yellow. This color can be due to your diet or due to some disease or some medicines. Foam is also often found in the urine of some people. There can be many reasons behind this. When there is foam in the urine, it is called cloudy or foamy urine.

The appearance of foam in the urine is usually a sign of inflammation of the bladder. In this condition, urine puts pressure on your bladder. But there can be many other reasons behind this. So let’s know what it means to have foam in the urine and what you should do when it happens.

Symptoms, Causes And Risk Factors For Foamy Urine - Symptoms, Causes And  Risk Factors For Foamy Urine

These symptoms are accompanied by the presence of foam in the urine: Foam occurs due to complete inflow of urine. But if there is a lot of foam in your urine and it increases with time, then it can be a sign of some disease. So if you also see foam in urine, then it is very important to pay attention to some other symptoms along with it. These symptoms can indicate a serious illness. Which you can treat in time.

Swelling in the hands, feet, face and abdomen can be a sign of kidney failure:

– fatigue
– loss of appetite
– Nausea
– Vomiting
– sleep disorders
– less urination
– cloudy
– dark urine

Causes of foamy urine: When you hold urine for a long time and then suddenly urinate, foam starts coming in the urine due to excessive force. But this foam clears in no time. Sometimes the formation of foam indicates an increased amount of protein in the urine. This protein present in urine forms foam when it comes in contact with air.

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There can be many other reasons for foam in the urine:

Dehydration: When a person becomes dehydrated, their urine appears very dark in color and concentrated. Low intake of water does not dilute the protein in the urine. Proteins have properties that cause foam to pass through urine. If foam appears in the urine even after a person is hydrated, it can be a symptom of kidney disease.

If there is continuous foam in the urine of a person, then it indicates proteinuria. Which is an early symptom of kidney disease.

Diabetes: Due to increased blood sugar level in the body, high level of albumin also goes to the kidney. Due to which foam starts coming in the urine. These symptoms are also seen in patients with type 2 diabetes.

– blurred vision
– dry mouth
– constant thirst
– frequent urination
– appetite
– itchy skin

What to do if you see foam in urine: You should consult your doctor for this. The doctor will test your urine. In which the amount of protein present in your urine is found. Apart from this, doctors also compare the protein present in urine with creatinine. Kidney disease is indicated if the protein in the urine is higher than creatinine.

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