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Verdict came against Atique Ahmed in 17 years old case

In the 17-year-old Umesh Pal kidnapping case, the Prayagraj court on Tuesday convicted Atique Ahmed, Dinesh Pasi and Khan Shaukat Hanif. Apart from this, the remaining seven accused have been acquitted. Sections 364 A/34, 120 B, 147, 323/149, 341, 342, 504, 506 (2) have been imposed against Mafia Atiq and Dinesh Pasi, whereas sections 364 and 120 B have been imposed against Khan Shaukat. In such a situation, it is interesting to know that what is the matter in which the court has shaken the very roots of Atiq.

The case is 17 years old

The case in which Atique Ahmed has been sentenced is 17 years old. This is the case of kidnapping of Umesh Pal, who was the main witness in the Raju Pal murder case. The same Umesh Pal who was murdered recently. It was Umesh Pal who had filed a case against Atique that Atique had abducted him and tortured him.

The kidnapping took place on 28 February 2006

Umesh Pal was kidnapped on 28 February 2006. After a year had passed, Umesh Pal filed a case in the Dhumanganj police station giving a complaint of his abduction. The interesting thing is that Umesh Pal filed this case when the BSP government came to power in the state and Mayawati became the Chief Minister in the year 2007.

Umesh made serious allegations

Umesh had said in his Tahrir that he was abducted and taken to Ateeq’s office in Chakia, Prayagraj. It is said that there is also a torture room in Atiq’s office. Police believe that Umesh Pal was taken and kept there and tortured.

Umesh had said – I was beaten up the whole night

Umesh told the police that after the abduction, he was kept there in Atiq’s office for the whole night. After the abduction, he was beaten and threatened the entire night. After this, an affidavit was taken from him that he was not present at the time of Rajupal murder case.

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