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Wedding – Must Haves by Aulerth

Wedding – Must Haves by Aulerth

As the season of weddings is here and weddings are in full swing especially post covid, everyone wants to celebrate. Times have changed and now people are more into intimate festivities and gatherings. People now don’t want to celebrate their wedding day with a large crowd. The choices of brides have also changed as they are now opting for more minimalist options.

The days are over when brides used to wear heavy traditional jewelry but our upcoming brides want to add their own twist to it.

Aulerth Nasrin Head Jewel » hindu metro Aulerth Alizeh Earring » hindu metro

Keeping in mind the new-age bride and bridesmaid below are the options from Aulerth to choose from for the  D day.



About Aulerth

Aulerth is India’s first design house for jewelry that’s couture-inspired and consciously made. It is an inspired way of thinking and living that’s high on design, craftsmanship, and intelligently mindful of minimizing its environmental footprint. Our goal is to significantly reduce the destructive carbon footprint behind the jewelry – which we believe can happen in the following ways:

  • Using materials in the product creation that doesn’t leave a jewelry mining footprint
  • Ensure the product lives for the longest possible duration, and ensure maximum usage during its lifetime – even if it changes many hands
  • Replacing a large portion of the jewelry worn where gold jewelry is worn the most – on special occasions

Aulerth Willow Choker » hindu metroAulerth Numisma Stardust Earrings » hindu metro

Founded in 2021, and based in India, Aulerth partners with leading Indian designers and builds high-fashion designer jewelry with a lifetime service proposition, meticulously designed and crafted, that is an environmentally responsible alternative to jewelry made with gold, diamonds, and other mined stones.

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