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With music video “Dil Bole Waah Waah Waah” Vadilal launches Summer 2023 campaign

Hip Hop dance group Kings United unveils the song and performs on it

Ahmedabad: Vadilal Enterprises, the leading ice cream brand in the country, has embarked on its Summer 2023 campaign with an upbeat, trendy and relatable music video, Dil Bole Waah WaahWaah.

The vibrant music video, Dil Bole Waah Waah Waah, is core to Vadilal’s popular campaign, Dil Bole Waah Vadilal, which revolves around the concept of how people spontaneously appreciate and applaud, saying ‘Waah’, after tasting something delicious and especially, Vadilal ice creams. This idea works as the driving force behind the brand’s new campaign.

The music video describes how with only one bite of Vadilal’s delicious ice cream, a family’s mundane, everyday life transcends into the surreal Waahdiland– a play on Vadilal – in the blink of an eye. All the protagonists of the video – grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, two daughters, son and their pet dog – are transported into the dream-like Waahdiland.

Most viewers will readily recognise the grandfather as the beloved VadiBro Naresh Gosain. Even the father is played by the household favourite Rajesh Kumar, popularly known as Rosesh Sarabhai. The intent has been to show actors with familiar faces, known, loved, and relatable by all.


Vadilal’s President – Branding Aakanksha Devanshu Gandhi said, “Vadilal has a brand legacy and is yet super young. We are a trendsetter with an innovative streak. The song, Dil Bole Waah WaahWaah, is so unbelievably Vadilalthat your heart will automatically say Waah Vadilal!”. Ms. Gandhi represents the third generation of the Vadilal family.

This snappy song is composed by Kabir, popularly known as OAFF, an upcoming composer from Bollywood, famous for his compositions in the movie Gehraiyaan and the reel music Tu Kahaan.

Once a listener hears the song, they will find themselves humming it for days on end. Every Indian will surely have Waah Vadilal on their lips by the end of this campaign.

At the event, the song was revealed by the Mumbai-based dance group, Kings United, who are NBC’s World of Dance winners and 3rd prize winners at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship.

Vadilal’s campaign will entail a complete and integrated media mix with multiple innovations. For example, Vadilal will organise online challenges, where youngsters and young-at-heart individuals will be invited to shoot video reels of themselves dancing to Dil Bole Waah WaahWaah. Digital will play a huge role as the same song will be uploaded on the best of social media apps. OOH media, radio, TV advertising and Press will also play a critical role.

Vadilal is strongly associated with the greatest range of ice creams that it offers to its consumers. The ice creams are made with the finest of ingredients, and offer exclusive flavours and impeccable taste.

Vadilal has multiple premium ice cream ranges that bring an unforgettable, everlasting experience to its consumers.

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