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Upama Ghosh makes us dive deep into a different hue with ‘Into the Hue’


Upama Ghosh is an assistant professor, poet, recitation artist, dreamer, and “Vitiligo Crusader” from Kolkata. Upama recently published two books: “Into the Hue – Beyond The Horizon of Horizons,” a collection of 25 English poetry from Shades Publishers in Kolkata, and “Protibimbo,” a collection of 10 Bengali poems from Atmajaa Publishers in Kolkata. She discusses her personal experiences with the “Pandemic”, significant issues like “Discrimination during Menstruation” and “patched experiences” in both of these books.


A number of anthologies, such as “The White Order,” “Ink Society Community,” “Rosewood Publication,” “Divine Publication,” “Literoma Yearbook on Women and Emotions,” etc. selected her poems for inclusion.


Currently working as Assistant Professor of English at Dinabandhu Andrews Institute of Technology and Management, Upama Ghosh has published research articles in journals such as the International Journal for Research Trends and Innovation and Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education, which are international periodicals in the field of education.


Her poetry collection “Into the Hue: Beyond The Horizon of Horizons” was nominated by “LearningAve” for the “National Book of Records of Appreciation.”


Recently, Upama went on to sponsor an underprivileged Girl child’s education from Inner Wheel School of Inner Wheel Club of South Calcutta. She is also a core member of ‘Gender Benders’, working towards Gender Sensitisation.


About Upama Ghosh’s books 


INTO THE HUE – Beyond the horizon of horizons 

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Genre: Poetry 

Language: English 

Publisher: Shades Publishers, Kolkata 

Price: ₹199/-


“Words heal, acknowledge & inspire to fathom.” – Upama Ghosh


Poetry is an integral part of her existence. Poetry heals and cleanses her soul. This collection of 25 poems, will help the readers to dive deep into a different hue, hence the name ‘Into The Hue’. The idea behind these poems is an outcome of personal lived experiences, introspection & memories. These were written during the pandemic, when the author was hoping for hope. Let’s bask in the glory of ‘Hope’ and weave dreams of a beautiful tomorrow ahead.


Order your copy here:




Genre: Poetry 

Language: Bengali 

Publisher: Atmajaa Publishers, Kolkata 


This collection of 10 touching poems written straight from the heart by the author. 


The book is available at leading stores online and offline.

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