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Meet Kolkata’s popular content creator Samarpita Sen

Samarpita Sen was born and raised in Kolkata, India. She graduated with honors in education from Calcutta University in 2018. She works on social media platforms such as Roposo, Moj, Share Chat, and others. She was also given the Golden Arc Award for Best Artist. Elite Book Award, Asia 100 Women, Fox clues 100 Top Women, and other honors have been bestowed upon her.

Samarpita Sen has won numerous national awards. She has won numerous important awards, including the Magic Book of Records and the Bharatiya Youth Icon. And there are plenty more.

She works as a social worker for some of the most well-known apps. The first achievement is kyuili in the month’s star, and the second is a Share Chat certificate. She was also a finalist for a renowned award as an artist. In addition, in 2021, she earned an elite book prize, the Frame and Fame Award. All of these varied hobbies aided her in achieving her goal of becoming a content developer from Elite book and Magic book of records.

Samarpita shared her journey in a crux “I began my journey in social media in the year 2020. Initially, I had a lot of issues, such as negative feedback from some audience members. But, in the end, I was able to overcome all of the challenges. I’m referring to Hrithik Roshan in particular as he is my fantasy. Every moment, I feel for Hrithik Roshan, and being his die-hard fan, I keep a keen desire to meet him and share My Feelings with Him. Every moment, I pray to God for Hrithik’s success and his well-being.”

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There are many helpless persons in our country who require money and assistance. She wants to help them in any way she can, so she joined an NGO and is doing her best. She also donates fruits, cakes, and sweets to a children’s organization in Calcutta. She promised the Children’s Foundation’s higher authorities that she would do more for the vulnerable. She has endured numerous challenges in her life as a result of her father’s absence, but she has conquered all of them thanks to her mother. She wants to make it in life and does everything she can to help others. As a result, she prays to God for assistance at all times.

Without a doubt, social media platforms are home to a plethora of great creators, with Samarpita being one of them to learn from and be inspired by.


“Challenges are unavoidable on our road,” she says, “but if you approach each one as an opportunity to learn for the rest of your life, no obstacle will be able to keep you from achieving.”

Being a digital content creator may appear to be enjoyable, but curating content that is recognized and helps them reach greater heights requires hard effort, perseverance, and consistency.

Samarpita can be reached out via

Instagram – @samarpita125

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