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The CEO of Elixr Labs Technologies breaks the best surprise on PULSE 2022

The CEO and Founder of Elixr Labs, Mr. Binu Bhasuran, proudly graced and witnessed the grand occasion of the company’s first-year anniversary celebration. At the event, a handpicked number of employees were awarded the latest flagship model iPhones and Apple watches to express gratitude for their outstanding efforts. Mr. Binu Bhasuran successfully proved how American work culture could be imbibed and adapted into our work dynamics.


The way care is given is ever-evolving, especially during an era where healthcare facilities and professionals are tested to their very limits. Elixr Labs aims at giving the highest level of automation and the ability to make smart data-driven decisions that ensure the availability of stable critical operations and facilities. Elixr Labs work as a development partner for multiple world-class healthcare providers delivering excellence all around the world and positively changing the lives of hundreds and thousands of people who require and give care. Their mobility solutions give blanket coverage over all functions in the healthcare vertical, from research to surgery. Their team consists of experienced engineers in this niche vertical that requires a unique set of skills that cater to creating solutions for the healthcare vertical. Elixr Labs thrive by creating solutions to primarily improve the efficiency of healthcare professionals and installations.


The company won various accolades and scaled numerous milestones within a short span of one year. It stands tall in having produced a very vibrant crowd of employees who’ve all had their hard work etched onto the success stories that have brought Elixr Labs to what it is now.


Elixr Labs Services



Product Development

Process Management

Artificial Intelligence

Business Intelligence




At Elixr Labs, we work in an environment that allows us to both learn and grow simultaneously. We get the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the industry and get hands-on experience with the latest technologies and hardware. Equal opportunity and diversity are two of the essential building blocks on top of which the foundation of our organization is built. We always work in an atmosphere where our voice is heard and construction ideas are welcomed with open hands.



Elixr Labs openings


Elixr Labs follow only the best practices in the industry and do not believe in spending time on something that can be automated. Every member of our team will have expertise in more than one skill set, and we do everything possible to train you to be a master of more than one trade.

Elixr labs are looking for like-minded energy balls to jump aboard our power-packed star cruise of ELIXR LABS Technologies and set sail on adventurous endeavors.


Exciting positions available at Elixr Labs for the Java Junior Engineer

Java Engineer,

Java Technical Architect,

iOS Senior Engineer,

iOS Lead Engineer,

iOS Technical Architect,

Android Developer,

QA Engineer,


Product Owner,

Release Engineer,

DevOps Engineer,

Automation Engineer


Interested candidates may please share their resumes at


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