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Activated Charcoal Air Purifier Bags are the New Solution: MiniStorify

We all are aware of the fact that Environment is getting polluted day by day but what about if you bring the fresh air to your home, No I am not kidding here, is the solution of your all problems.

What is activated charcoal?
Charcoal is made from peat, coal, wood, coconut shell, or petroleum. Enacted charcoal is made by heating charcoal within the sight of a gas. This cycle makes the charcoal foster bunches of inside spaces or pores. These pores help initiated charcoal snare synthetic compounds

What is a charcoal purifying bag?
An activated charcoal air purifying bag is a fabric bag (linen) containing charcoal … Activated charcoal itself is odor-free and has the power to absorb both odors and moisture….It eliminates dust mites, allergens, pollutants, foul odor, pet dander that can cause allergic reaction & the best part is it doesn’t require electricity which makes it pocket friendly as well.
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What are the benefits of using activated charcoal air purifier bags?
Activated charcoal purifier bags work for people who suffer from allergens or chemicals sensitivities.
It eliminates allergens causing particles like: Dust mites, Foul odor, Excess moisture & pet dander that can cause allergic reaction.
It is non electric air purifier so, no electricity needed which makes it pocket friendly.
It is available in different sizes so, you can choose any size according to the size of your room.
You can use it in your bathroom, Pet rooms, Gym bags, Pantry, Cars and vehicles & anywhere you want.
It is an ecofriendly alternative of air purifier which consist lot’s of chemicals.

Why Activated charcoal air purifier is better from other air purifiers?
1.)A no. of conventional air purifiers contains dangerous chemicals, such as formaldehyde, Petrochemicals, Benzene, Phthalates, along with aerosol chemicals.
2.)It last longer than any other air purifier so, saving you a lot of money & trouble of replacing it every month.

What does activated charcoal do?
Besides being odor free these bags are naturally able to absorb, bad odors, pollutants, allergens & toxins from the air.
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How long do air purifying bags last?
Activated charcoal air purifier bags usually last at least for 2 years.

Is bamboo charcoal air purifier safe?
YES! It is 100% safe to use.

Do charcoal bags remove dust?
YES, charcoal bags are helpful in removing dust from the air.

Where should I place my air purifying bag?
you can put it in your refrigerator, smelly shoes, Gym bags, pantry, bathroom, pet room car & vehicles.

Does bamboo charcoal air purifying bags purify air?
It is also known as activated charcoal air purifier bag, it is odorless& helps to eliminate pesky odor, pet dander, allergens & dust mites from the air.

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