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To check a rudraksh before wearing it, is a must! Says Celebrity Astrologer Samarpit Kanwatia.

Mr Samarpit Kanwatia, Mumbai based acclaimed celebrity astrologer was asked recently asked about rudraksha and how can one check on the same if one wishes to wear a rudraksh.


“Rudraksh has had many stories, some mythological and some otherwise. But the truth is, it is nothing but a dead fruit coming out of a tree, but surprisingly, it is a dead fruit which can actually hold energies and that by itself, is no less than a magic. Because rudraksh has the properties to hold energy that is why it is not advocated that ones rudraksh should be transferred to other members of the family. Many of us choose to wear a rudraksh to boost physical wellbeing, mental alertness, and overall spiritual growth. But the first step should be knowing which mukhi to wear that will work best for the wearer followed by cleaning and energizing, so that it is best suited for the person wearing it.”


“Although a rudraksh can be worn by anyone, we must exercise caution and care as they are holy and carry supreme powers. Also I would take the liberty to categorically state that wearing any rudraksh if for once does not give the desired result then it will not even harm the wearer.” Says Samarpit ji


When asked further with regards to rudraksh as to how do we determine the authenticity to know if the rudraksh is fine to be worn should one wish to wear it


“Noting its authenticity is critical and here are few ways to discover the purity of the rudraksh-

Doing an eye test is simple and a very common procedure to check on the authenticity of the rudraksh where we use a magnifying glass and check the deep lines or mukhis that connect the upper and lower parts of the rudraksh. The ones that are not genuine, will not have the same mukhi or facets as the real ones. Also one can determine if more mukhis are synthetically created through a knife or a sharp object to project is as a different mukhi than it actually is.”


When prodded further to enquire if there any more ways to check the authenticity of the rudraksh, Samarpit ji confirms on another commonly practiced process which is called as a copper coin test.


“Place the rudraksh bead between two coins made of copper, if it does not rotate to some degree, then it is probably not real and has zero power. This test is best done by experts who can gauge how the physical and magnetic characteristics of the rudraksh bead will affect its proximity with copper coins.”


Samarpit ji now delves further, “Now that you are assured of owning a genuine rudraksh, let us delve into how we can preserve its purity. As the rudraksh is already naturally energized before you receive it, you may start wearing it on a Monday Friday or a Saturday morning after bath. Chant the beej mantra, depending on the type of rudraksh you own. Then continue to wear it on a daily basis. Although it is advisable to keep the rudraksh on your body for as long as you can, you may remove it at night if it feels uncomfortable. You can wear it again the following morning after a bath.Periodic cleaning of rudraksh beads is highly recommended, preferably once a month. Dip the beads in lukewarm water for an hour or so. Then, use a soft brush to clean them under running water. They should be dried on a soft cloth or tissue paper and then coconut oil can be applied on them with a delicate brush. Let it dry and then one can wear it again after chanting the beej mantra. Just remember the purity of one’s individual self is what reflects in the rudraksh he intends to wear or is wearing. So, be right, perform right, have a right rudraksh, respect it and maintain its purity. You are bound to get results.” concludes Samarpit Kanwatia ji.


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