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Adani Group: Hindenburg earned billions by releasing a report

Adani Group has suffered a lot after the Hindenberg Research Report came out. There has been a sharp decline in the shares of the company. Hindenburg has already come out with similar reports against many big companies. After all, why do such reports come out against Hindenburg companies and what work does this firm do, let us know.

What is Hindenburg Riches?

Hindenburg Riches is a forensic financial research firm specializing in equity, credit and derivatives. It was founded in 2017 by Nathan Anderson. Hindenburg says he looks for wrongdoing in companies and investigates bad management, irregularities in accounting and undisclosed transactions between parties.




how was the name

In 1937, a hydrogen-powered German airliner that took off from New Jersey caught fire and crashed, killing 35 people on board. It was called a kind of man-made disaster, because about 100 people were seated on a balloon filled with the world’s most flammable material. the name of the plane was hindenburg.

Has issued a report on these companies

Even before this, Hindenburg Riches has released reports on many companies. The firm was most discussed in September 2020 regarding the electric truck company Nikola Corp, in which the claims made about the company’s truck were allegedly false. After this whole episode, there was a decrease in the valuation of the company and it came down from $ 34 billion at the peak to $ 1.34.

According to Hindenburg Riches, apart from this, it has removed research reports on WINS Finance, Genius Brands, SC Wrox, HF Foods, Bloom Energy, Aphria along with many more companies.


How does the Hindenburg reduce?

By releasing a report on a company, Hindenburg tells its investors to short sell it. In such a situation, when the shares of the company fall sharply after the report, then the investors associated with Hindenburg benefit. Let me tell you, in short selling, the shares of a company have already been sold by the trader, after which they buy them again at a lower price.

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