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Valentine Day 2023: From dinner date to gift planning for your special someone on Valentine’s Day

Valentine Week 2023 Full List: The month of February is very special for the lovers because this month is especially known for love and romance. In this month, Valentine’s Day is also celebrated on 14th February but it starts from 7th February only. Which is also called Valentine’s Week or Love Week. That means, those who love it celebrate it for a whole week.  All over the world, couples celebrate the entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day with a different occasion each day.


Valentine’s Day Week kicks off with Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, and Kiss Day. And each day has its own significance.

Day 1 Rose Day February 7
Day 2 Propose Day February 8
Day 3 Chocolate Day February 9
Day 4 Teddy Day February 10
Day 5 Promise Day February 11
Day 6 Hug Day February 12
Day 7 Kiss Day February 13
Day 8 Valentine’s Day February 14


Rose Day: 7 February (Sunday)

The first day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Rose Day. On this day you express love and care by giving flowers to your love ones. Different colored roses represent different feelings. So give it thoughtfully to whomever you are going to give roses.

Propose Day: 8 February (Monday)

The next day after Rose Day is celebrated as Propose Day. On this day, you can boldly express your love to your special one.

Chocolate Day: February 9 (Tuesday)

Chocolate Day will be the third day of Valentine’s Week. On this day it is customary to give chocolates of your choice to your partner. On this day, loving couples gift each other chocolate bunches, chocolate baskets in a special way.

Teddy Day: 10 February (Wednesday)

Teddy Day is the fourth day of Valentine’s Week. When people express their love by giving teddy bear to their partner.

Promise Day: 11 February (Thursday)

The loving couple celebrate the 5th day of Valentine’s Week as Promise Day. We promise to love and be together for the rest of our lives. By the way, you can celebrate this day not only with your partner but with every person who is close to your heart, be it your mother, sister or friend.

Hug day: 12 February (Friday)

Hug Day is celebrated on the 6th day of Valentine’s Week. People express love and affection by hugging each other.

Kiss Day: 13 February (Saturday)

The 7th day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Kiss Day i.e. on 13 February. With whom do people express their love on this day?

Valentine’s Day: 14 February (Sunday)

Valentine’s Day is the last day of Valentine’s Week i.e. on 14 February. Which people celebrate in their own way. Some make plans for a trip, some for a dinner date. So you have a lot of time to plan to make this day memorable.

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