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The War Against Plastic: “Flask Lady Urvashi Mittal” states, We Have to Start This War From Home, Small Efforts Can Make Big Changes.

Polythene, or plastic, is dangerous for the environment in every way. Since plastic does not decompose for about a thousand years, we should reduce its use. Considering the harm caused by plastic, the court has banned it, but this is not effective. Urvashi Mittal is the name of an Indian woman who has been continuously campaigning against plastic for years. Urvashi is running a campaign against plastic and making everyone aware of it. She is a social worker by profession and currently associated with the International Inner Veil Club, and by being a member of that club, she is constantly explaining the ill effects of plastic to women. People call her the flask Lady. Till now, thousands of women have joined her campaign and raised their voices against plastic. Urvashi believes that we have to start the war against plastic from our homes first; only then will we be able to win this war. She has suggested many options to eliminate plastic from the earth.

Say no to plastic water bottles—Urvashi Mittal, a “Flask lady”

Urvashi Mittal believes that we should use metal water bottles instead of plastic bottles. Stop drinking tea in plastic cups, use only plastic bags to buy goods ,boycott plastic, promote paper bags. Apart from that, tell children about the disadvantages of plastic. This will improve their habits too.

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Run clean up campaign, promote greenery – Urvashi Mittal

We will have to emphasize increasing greenery as much as possible. Doing so will also put pressure on the government machinery. Everyone needs to run a clean-up campaign together. People should be made more aware of this. By doing such things, we can eliminate 60 percent of the waste.Plastic waste management rules have come. Now customers have the right to ask plastic producers to increase production of cloth bags. This will increase employment too.

Get into the habit of carrying your own bag

People should develop the habit of carrying clothes or paper bags from home. For example, if you buy medicine from a chemist, make a habit of taking it in a paper packet instead of a plastic bag. Resist plastic bags.

If we want to eradicate plastic, we need to promote the production of cost-effective cloth bags. Doing this, people may also get employment. We should also use cloth bags instead of plastic bags during festivals. With such small efforts, one day the use of plastic could be stopped completely. Doing this we may be able to contribute towards the betterment of society.

Avoid throwing away leftover food in plastic

Most often, In functions, people put leftover food in plastic bags and throw it away, leading to the spilling out of filth. The situation may change if we stop using plastic disposables, and use recyclable stuff.

Unknowingly we ourselves pollute the environment

If we throw plastic waste into the drains, the sewer may get clogged and the filth spreads. Which surely affects our health positively. If have to avoid to do such things. people aware, small efforts will bring a change. Awareness chain is very important.

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