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EnrichTV Collaborates With Master Del Pe to Provide Users with a Comprehensive Guide to Achieving a Fulfilling Life

EnrichTV is your gateway to holistic success and life mastery, encompassing both a Satellite TV channel and a cutting-edge OTT platform. They are on a mission to make the wisdom of the world’s foremost experts from various domains accessible to you. Their extensive content library and unwavering commitment to democratizing knowledge set the stage for your empowerment and a more fulfilling life.

At the heart of this journey is Master Del Pe, a globally renowned guru celebrated for his multifaceted expertise in spirituality, healing, martial arts, meditation, and beyond. His teachings and transformative experiences have left an indelible mark on countless lives around the globe. Not only is he a prolific author of self-development books, but he’s also the visionary behind numerous courses designed to help individuals achieve self-mastery.

Mr Kirit and Master Del Pe, can you elaborate on what led to this strategic collaboration between EnrichTV and Master Del Pe? What was the central vision behind this partnership?

Mr Kirit: Our driving force behind this partnership was the shared belief in the transformative power of holistic well-being practices and the desire to make these teachings accessible to as many people as possible. We both felt that combining EnrichTV’s platform with Master Del Pe’s expertise in practical spirituality and longevity science could positively impact the lives of many, thus helping them discover new paths to extend their lifespan and lead a higher quality of life.

The collaboration between EnrichTV and Master Del Pe will empower audiences with access to live online sessions and the opportunity to delve into a synergistic blend of courses, events, workshops, retreats, and coaching sessions. Master Del Pe’s profound wisdom and teachings will now be available on EnrichTV, enriching the platform’s diverse content with a mission to empower individuals with knowledge that can lead to personal growth and well-being.

Master Del Pe: The collaboration is not merely a partnership; it’s a union of shared values and a deep commitment to personal growth and social transformation. We hope this partnership will open new pathways to breakthrough philosophies that would bring a balanced life and self-fulfilment for many. I have also designed programs and curricula that serve the more advanced humanity to move from success to a balanced life, balanced life to a fulfilled life, and for the best of the best to go from fulfilment to enlightenment. I call this the path of self-mastery. This path is in alignment with EnrichTV’s goal of spreading teachings and mentoring programs resulting in life-mastery.

Most spiritual teachers and seminar leaders have covered the knowledge supporting success and prosperity, but they didn’t emphasize the quantum leap of consciousness leading to achievable enlightenment and longevity in this life. These concepts and new psychology are highly achievable through the marriage of EnrichTV and my Ashram’s curriculum.

As we embark on this journey, the future holds the promise of individual and societal transformation, and I am excited to see where it takes us and the lives we touch along the way.

I partnered with EnrichTV and Mr Kirit’s team with the highest hope to usher in the emergence of the New Humanity who will bring the New World.

Mr Kirit, can you tell us what distinct facet of an expert like Master Del Pe’s background will EnrichTv audience find most valuable? Will it complement the existing content available on the platform?

One of Master Del Pe’s standout features is his holistic approach to practical spirituality and the evolution of consciousness. He possesses a deep understanding that spans the physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual arenas, providing EnrichTV’s audience with a comprehensive and well-rounded perspective on self-care, self-development and self-mastery. At a time when individuals are increasingly seeking holistic solutions to their wellness needs, his approach is invaluable. It complements the existing content on the platform by offering a more integrated view of what it truly means to be healthy and fulfilled.

Master Del Pe’s content is inclusive and suitable for individuals of all ages, from young adults to seniors. This inclusivity aligns well with the platform’s goal of reaching a diverse demographic. No matter where viewers are on their life journey, they can find wisdom and guidance from his teachings.

Master Del Pe’s expertise complements EnrichTV’s content in numerous ways. His holistic approach, mind-body practices, energy healing insights, cross-cultural perspective, practical tools, meditation and mindfulness methods, personalized guidance, and spiritual growth teachings add depth and breadth to the platform. EnrichTV is excited about the potential impact of his contributions, as they will help attract a broader audience, offer fresh and actionable insights, and provide a more comprehensive approach to wellness and practical spirituality. With Master Del Pe on board, EnrichTV is set to become an even more valuable resource for those seeking to enrich their lives and well-being.

Master Del Pe, what was your motivation behind the collaboration between EnrichTV and you? What transformation journey do you envision with this collaboration? 

Collaborating with EnrichTV is a thrilling prospect for me, and it’s driven by my commitment to sharing knowledge and practices that can empower individuals to ‘master life ahead of its time’. EnrichTV’s mission aligns closely with my own, which revolves around self-care, self-development and self-mastery. The platform’s dedication to providing valuable insights to a global audience is a vision I share.

I have travelled to over 100 countries teaching and healing people, and have students and certified healing specialists under my organization around the world. This collaboration with EnrichTV is a great opportunity to further expand my global audience with the new satellite TV strategy and OTT platforms of the dynamic father-daughter duo, Kirit and Bhakti. I hope that they will be a driving force to deliver my teachings to those who may not have otherwise found access, especially in many regional languages. My team hopes to gain valuable support and collaboration from the founders and expert team behind EnrichTV, to empower our common goals from their seasoned experience in today’s broadcast industry.

Master Del Pe’s collaboration with EnrichTV is driven by the goal of sharing knowledge on a broader scale, utilizing the platform’s reach and technology. This collaboration facilitates the global distribution of his teachings, allowing for educational impact on a larger and more diverse scale. Through this partnership, Master Del Pe aspires to empower individuals worldwide with valuable insights into holistic wellness and practical spirituality.

What is Enrich TV’s long-term vision of expanding and evolving the current content on the platform?

EnrichTV is making significant strides in redefining education and breaking free from traditional learning methods. EnrichTV is redefining education by providing personalized, accessible, and interactive learning experiences that transcend traditional barriers. Here is how –


• Staying relevant: EnrichTV aims to continually enhance its platform, integrating the latest advancements in educational technology. Regular updates, based on user feedback, ensure that the platform remains cutting-edge.

• Global expansion: The goal is to expand EnrichTV’s reach to more countries, languages, and cultures, promoting cross-cultural learning and understanding.

• Collaborations: EnrichTV plans to collaborate with educational institutions and experts worldwide to offer a broader spectrum of courses. This will enable learners to access a wide range of subjects and expertise.

• Cost-effective: Ensuring that EnrichTV remains affordable for all, regardless of economic background, is a top priority.

Their long-term vision focuses on continuous improvement, global reach, partnerships, and affordability, making it a promising force in the digital learning landscape.

EnrichTV’s mission is to break down geographical, cultural, linguistic, age, gender, educational, social, and financial barriers, making world-class expertise accessible to all. With six verticals, ten categories, and a vast library of over 1000 videos featuring 500+ speakers from around the world in 50+ countries, EnrichTV is on a relentless mission to make knowledge universally accessible.

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