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Allu Arjun new scene is outstanding Teaser of ‘Pushpa 2’

Now Rule Pushpa Ka… Ahead of his birthday, Allu Arjun blasted the teaser of Pushpa 2. People’s breath stopped after watching the video of 3 and a quarter minutes. Even after being shot with 8 bullets, Pushpa is missing for months… and even if she was found, she was found right in front of the lion. Allu Arjun’s fans were elated after seeing his first glimpse in the second installment of Pushpa.

Whirlwind created on social media

Whoever saw Allu Arjun’s look for the first time, he kept on staring. In the post, Pushpa wearing a saree is wearing a big bindi, her look looks like Kali Mata. There has been a whirlwind on social media since April 7. People say that even after 24 hours, Pushpa’s look is not going out of their mind. When you see it for the first time, the heart rises.

Some flaws were seen in the teaser

There are a lot of flaws in the teaser of Pushpa: The Rule. Like Pushpa being alive even after being shot 8, in the same way, this is not a problem for South films. But some people are upset when the lion takes two steps back after seeing Pushpa in the forest. Where did people say that you should show only as much anger as you can tolerate… Pushpa has not become, God has become….

Where is Pushpa?

Neither Pushpa’s mother nor Rashmika was seen in the teaser. Fahad Fasil, who became the villain, was also not seen. Just came to know that Pushpa has escaped from Tirupati Jail, he has got 8 bullets. If the dead body is not found, the police is searching for it from place to place. His supporters are protesting across the city. Everyone is asking the same question that where is Pushpa.

This will be the story of Pushpa 2

So it happened that Pushpa has now become a grown man. The villagers have turned against the police as Shekhawat has put their savior Pushpa in jail and then opened fire. In the second part, Rashmika Mandanna i.e. Srivalli will be seen as the wife. Half of the film of the second part will be spent in finding Pushpa. Apart from this, Sheenu’s wife Dakshayani and Jolly will be pitted against Pushpa.

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