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Amritsar has got a New Restaurant ‘The Bagh’

Providing customers with an enticing experience of the lush green forests, The Bagh in Amritsar is revamped with a brand new concept.

This concept is inspired by the home city, Amritsar which signifies purity and satisfaction.

“We are elated to bring to you a place like Bagh, which is so close to our heart. Our aim with Bagh is to make it a place where people not only fancy the food but also enjoy the warmth, ambiance and aesthetic that comes with it,” shared the founder.

True to its name the restaurant has elements of an orchard which flows from one end to the other with semi closed and open spaces. Every element is handpicked to express a sense of calm to fill you with peace and serenity. The ethos is what is most inviting, a place for rejuvenating. Given that nature is a dominant theme that can blend through the interiors, the outdoors are chic and luxurious.

The eatery has a diverse menu celebrating a wide range of cuisines which is a homage to contemporary Indian flavours with an international essence.

The menu has a variety of options and one can indulge in delicacies like the famous Amritsari Kulcha with a taste of mushroom and truffles, Ambarsar pizza, voodoo chicken, pillow chicken, Raan and a wide selection of dumplings to choose from. The Indian platters have an array of options with a modern twist to them and can be ordered in various choices.

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