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Asset Deals Big Billion property sale

Asset Deals Big Billion property sale

Asset Deals Big Billion property sale was a huge event held at Hanger 113 Sales
Gallery. The event was carried forward with the aim to provide the best opportunity
to all the potential investors and HNI Clients. There were 275+ guests who attended
the event organized by M3M and sponsored by The Times of India. The event gave
everyone an opportunity to meet and engage with M3M, who construct the best,
and helps you land the best deals in the real estate business for both commercial and
residential opportunities.

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The Event was initiated with a greeting session, followed by the presentation given
by M3M. During their conversation with the audience, they shared how Asset Deals
offered the best deals on both M3M and Smartworld properties. M3M also shared
how Asset Deals have made progress in the year 2023. They added ‘Asset Deals has
been a great contributor and has been at the forefront of property marketing.
Mr. Vineet has been doing great work making Asset Deals a successful organization.’
M3M later during the event discussed about the event that will transpire between
the 21st and 24th of January 2023. They provided details about the forthcoming
launch during the event and the advantages that will be given to the participants.
Refreshments and dinner were served during the event and the closing ceremony
concluded by 11 PM.

Mr. Viineet Chellani, CEO and Director, presented Asset Deals during the event. In his
presentation, he talked about how Asset Deals aims to identify unused potential in
urban areas and create sustainable value for modern communities with future-
oriented investment opportunities. He also added that Asset Deals provides clients
with the very best services in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate.
They help their clients to buy or sell all types of properties at competitive rates.
M3M began the sale of its mega properties and engaged in significant conversations
and correspondences about the current real estate trends—making sure that
everyone has a transparent and committed approach to investing money in things
that are profitable in the long run. With that in mind, this massive property event
provided the audience with new perspectives on the most compelling options and
offers in the real estate industry.

The needs and budget had been considered while showcasing the best properties.
Everything went as per planning with the utmost transparency and in the interests of
the investors and clients.

There were many activities that took place, like the Special 26 benefits offering up to
26% discount, with 26 months of free maintenance, 26 white goods offered for free,
along with the 26 months lease confirmation; all this was a part of packaged

bonanza. The audience got the opportunity to embrace the best real estate chances
to learn everything about forthcoming commercial and residential projects.

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