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Being Water +ve – Save Water | Earn Money

Being Water +ve is an international influencer program by the WATER SAVERS COALITION aimed at encouraging Water Savings across the strata of the society.

WATER SAVERS COALITION, a good behaviour platform by AqVerium – World’s 1st Digital Water Bank, is a global consortium of water conscious entities & individuals.

The program encourages to Save Water and report the same on a regular basis. Suggested ways and means will be shared on from time to time.

How to join the Being Water +ve * program ?

 Register with the Water Savers Coalition. By this you automatically get a Digital Water Savings Bank A/c with AqVerium – World’s 1st Digital Water Bank

 Take a Water Pledge for which 5 AquaKredit – Water Credits will be credited to your AqVerium Digital Water Bank Account. (1 AquaKredit = 1000 litres of water saved). You will also get a Water Savers Coalition Badge which can be displayed on your social media and all communication channels.

 Share your Water Saving Data on a monthly or quarterly basis, supported by valid proof of saving such as Water Bills or any other verifiable document.

 Once the data is verified and validated, your will be credited with AquaKredits commensurate to the savings.

 AqVerium will provide an offset platform for selling these AquaKredits to prospective offset buyers on a bid and ask model. You can post bids on the platform or wait for quotes offered by prospective offset buyers.

 Your name and logo will be displayed on

*Terms & Conditions

 Your participation in the program is voluntary and monetization is subject to matching prospective offset buyers.

 Your participation in no way guarantees monetization and the entire program is on a best effort basis.

 The main objective is to encourage water savings with an endeavour of offset monetization.

 AquaKredits issued are only a recognition of the water saved & verified

 Only citizens of India are allowed to participate in this program

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