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Chandigarh University video ‘leak’: Rankaj Verma ‘EXPOSES’ what all happened after getting arrested! |

Remember Pradyuman Thakur of Ryan International School of Gurgaon? A 7 year old kid who was murdered by a class 11 student of the same school by slitting the kid’s throat? He murdered a kid to delay school exams. Indian media without a proof blamed the bus driver of the school for the murder. Bus driver was the first person who rushed the victim to hospital but was framed by the media. Going by the media reports, people like me also blamed the bus driver but later learnt a lesson that do not go by the media judgements.

2022 10$largeimg 649310960 » hindu metroSo when the Chandigarh University MMS case happened, I did not write a word. But Indian media again published the photo of one of the suspects without hiding his face. He was framed as the main culprit. Turned out that the boyfriend of the girl who made those MMS actually had used someone’s photo as his whatsapp DP and the same DP was circulated in the Indian media.

An innocent boy was made a culprit by the Indian Media. Photos made viral without blurring the face. Think how society would look at this boy going forward. This boy has got the bail but think how the society would look at this boy? Not even a single apology from any Indian Media House even after this boy’s name has been cleared.

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