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Chavi Fashion: Arrange your wardrobes with the much-vaunted Bagru hand block print

Some traditions are universal, especially when residing in a country like India, known for its distinct arts and crafts since classical times. Artisans from various cultures employ various hand printing techniques to beautify a fabric. Bagru printing is one of the traditional ways of printing with natural colour. Deep in the heart of Rajasthan, a small town, Bagru is situated, which is regarded as the focal point of the stunning Bagru hand block prints. Close at distance from Jaipur, the town is the motherland of Chippas, a community practising Bagru hand block printing. Perfected over generations, it is one of the primaeval and simple techniques capable of producing highly aesthetic effects, some of which are impractical to achieve differently. Chavi Fashion is one such brand creating the exotic art required in the environmental consciousness. The brand portrays the art of rural Rajasthan with all its products handcrafted.


The brand’s unstitched handmade Bagru print comes in elite colours, with alluring patterns and designs that allow exploring different colours, motifs, and designs. The team of Chavi Fashion consists of artisans belonging to the families involved in designing hand block printing. This group of craftsmen travelled from state to state to conduct numerous exhibitions and sell their art. Finding an answer to this problem, the brand has launched its online platform, which will help people from all over the country avail the benefit of wearing the branded and ethnic Bagru hand block print clothes delivered right at the doorstep.


Overwhelmed by choice, the e-commerce platform, with its soothing palette, looks fashionable with up-to-date fashion along with the changing trends. Chavi fashion helps people arrange their wardrobes with the clothes they love. With eye-pleasing block prints, comfortable material, and affordable rates, the online website also provides running materials or clothing materials that can be customised further according to the customer’s requirements. The unique pieces of clothes are prepared from materials that are hand-picked individually by the craftsmen.


The company’s founder talks about the growing demand for the Bagru hand block print and says, “India is the country that is excelling in the art of hand block printing. The quality, variety, and richness of the Bagru hand block printing industry in India are always implausibly beautiful. With local handicrafts in India flourishing, our company Chavi Fashion has excelled in the field of Bagru hand block print fabrics. The fascinating catalogue of products we showcase to our customers and even ship their products wherever they want helps us to be unique. We provide the best quality fabrics, beautiful appearance, comfortability, superb comfort, and modern colours because we understand the value of appearance in one’s life. Moreover, our genuine artisans carry the experience of more than 30 years in the industry.”

The e-commerce platform connects more than 2000 artisans to increase awareness about the industry, along with more than 100 workshops. It provides captivating and exclusive attire directly from artisans to consumers. Chavi fashion has its presence and connection from villages such as Bagru, Sanganer, Kota, Bikaner, Sikar, and more from Rajasthan to get entirely pure handmade fabrics from the very foundation of the industry. Believing in delivering smiles to the people, the brand does not take any extra charges for shipping anywhere in the country. It also provides an option to pay after the fabric is delivered, making it convenient for customers.


Each fabric under Chavi Fashion undergoes strict quality checks to ensure fault-free products and accurate measurements. The customers can also cancel the order any time they want if the delivery of the order gets delayed. The e-commerce platform provides a plethora of collections to its customers, such as Cotton Suit sets, Maheshwari Silk sets, Kota Doria Dupatta Suit sets, Mulmul Dupatta Suit sets, etc. One can get all the collections just by visiting their website and can also subscribe to the online website to get all the notifications regarding product discounts, company news, and special offers. The world-famous Bagru hand block print is just a click away.

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